Abbreviations and acronyms in common parlance in Australia:

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2PP = two-party-preferred

A'asia = Australasia

A-G(***) = Attorney-General (State)

A-G(Cth) = Attorney-General (Commonwealth)

AA => Environmentspeak

AAG => Businesspeak

AAS => Businesspeak

AASB => Businesspeak

AAP = Australian Associated Press

AARF => Businesspeak

AAU => Environmentspeak

AAPMN = Australian-Asian Pacific Mining Network

AAT = Administrative Appeals Tribunal

AATA = Administrative Appeals Tribunal

ABA = Australian Bar Association

ABA = Australian Broadcasting Authority

ABARE => Environmentspeak

ABC = Australian Broadcasting Corporation

ABCC = Australian Building & Construction Commissioner

ABN = Australian Business Number

ABS = Australian Bureau of Statistics

ABT = Australian Broadcasting Tribunal

ACCC = Australian Competition (and) Consumer Commission

ACCRA => Environmentspeak

ACF = Australian Conservation Foundation

ACGG => Environmentspeak

ACJ = Acting Chief Justice

ACMA = Australian Communications (and) Media Authority

ACN = Australian Company Number

ACOSS = Australian Council Of Social Service

ACT = Australian Capital Territory

ACTTLC = Australian Capital Territory Trades (and) Labour Council

ACTSC = ACT Supreme Court

ACTU = Australian Council (of) Trade Unions

ADI = Authorised deposit-taking institution

ADT = Administrative Decisions Tribunal

ADV = apprehended domestic violence

Adv.Op. = advisory opinion

ADF = Approved Deposit Fund

ADF = Australian Defence Force

ADF = Australian Drug Foundation

AEC = Australian Electoral Commission

AEU = Australian Education Union

AEU => Environmentspeak

AFC = Australian Film Commission

AFL = Australian Football League

AFP = Australian Federal Police

AFPA = Australian Federal Police Association

AFR = Australian Financial Review

AFSL = Australian Financial Services Licence

Age = The (Melbourne) Age (newspaper)

AGM => Businesspeak

AGS = Australian Government Solicitor

AIS = Australian Institute (of) Sport

AIDS = acquired immune deficiency virus

AIF = Automated Information Facility (international banking)

AIRC = Australian Industrial Relations Commission

AJ = Acting Justice

AKA = also known as

ALP = Australian Labor Party

ALRC = Australian Law Reform Commission

am = ante meridiem ("in the morning"); See m; See pm;

AMA = Australian Medical Association

AMAA = Australian Media Accreditation Authority

AMIEU = Australasian Meat Industry Employees Union

AMWU = Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union

AMOU = Australian Maritime Officers Union

ANAO = Australian National Audit Office

ANF = Australian Nursing Federation

APESB => Businesspeak

ASPI = Australian Strategic Policy Institute

Annot. = annotation

Antn = annotation

ANSTO = Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation

AO = adults only

AP6 = Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate

APAIS = Australian Public Affairs Information Service

APEC = Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (21 economies: Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Phillippines, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, USA, Viet Nam)

APESB => Businesspeak

APESMA = Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers Australia

App. = appendix

apptd = appointed

APRA => Businesspeak

APS = See Human Resources Glossary

APV = Apprehended Personal Violence

Arb. = Arbitrator

ARC = Australian Research Council

ARBN = Australian Registered Body Number

ARSN = Australian Registered Scheme Number

Art. = article

ASADA = Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority

ASC = Australian Securities Commission

ASC = Australian Sports Commission

ASEAN = Association (of) South East Asian Nations (9 nations: Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam)

ASEAN Plus Three = (12 nations: ASEAN members plus China, Japan and South Korea)

ASIC => Businesspeak

ASIC = Australian Securities (&) Investments Commission

ASMOF = Australian Salaried Medical Officers Federation

Assn = Association

Assoc. = Associate

ASU = Australian Services Union

ASX = Australian Stock Exchange

ATM = automatic teller machine

ATO = Australian Taxation Office

ATSI = Aboriginal (and) Torres Strait Islander (peoples)

= Australia

AUSFTA = Australia United States Free Trade Agreement

AUSTEL = Australian Telecommunications Authority

ASIO = Australian Secret Intelligence Organisation

AVO = Apprehended Violence Order

AWA = Australian Workplace Agreement

AWRIS = Australian Water Resources Information System

AWU = Australian Workers' Union

BAS => Businesspeak

BEP => Businesspeak

BERD = business expenditure (on) research (and) development

BFA = Binding Financial Agreement

bk = book

BoQ = Bank of Queensland

BRAG = Business Regulation Advisory Group

Bros = Brothers

BCA = Business Council (of) Australia

BOP = Balance Of Payments

C of Petty Sessions = Court of Petty Sessions

CA2001 => Businesspeak

CAA = Community Aid Abroad (now Oxfam)

CAC = corporate affairs commission (State)

CAMAC = Corporations And Markets Advisory Committee

CAN = Community Action Network

CASAC = Corporations And Security Advisory Committee

CBD = central business district

CCAF => Environmentspeak

CCC = Competitive Carriers Coalition (Macquarie Telecom, Verizon Business, PowerTel, Primus Telecom and iiNet)

CCF => Environmentspeak

CCS => Environmentspeak

CDM => Environmentspeak

CEO => Businesspeak

CER => Environmentspeak

CFC => Environmentspeak

CFL => Environmentspeak

CFMEU = Construction, Forestry, Mining (and) Energy Union

CGS = Commonwealth Government Securities

CGT => Businesspeak

CEPU = Communications, Electrical, (and) Plumbing Union

Ch. = Chancellor

ch. = chapter

CHESS = Clearing House Electronic Sub-register System

CIE = Centre (for) International Economics

CJ = Chief Justice

CIA = Central Intelligence Agency (USA)

CFMEU = Construction, Forestry, Mining (and) Energy Union

cl. = clause

CLERP => Businesspeak

CLS = Continuous Linked Settlement

Co. = Company

Co-op. = Co-operative

COAG = Council of Australian Governments

COC = code of conduct

COE = code of ethics

Commn = Commission

controller apptd = Controller appointed

COP = code of practice

COP => Environmentspeak

Corp. = Corporation

COSS = Council of Social Service

Coy = Company

CPA = Certified Practising Accountant

CPA = Communist Party (of) Australia

CPI = Consumer Price Index

CPM => Businesspeak

CPSU = Community (and) Public Sector Union

CR => Businesspeak

CPRS => Environmentspeak

CSAB => Environmentspeak

CSAS => Environmentspeak

CSHA = Commonwealth-State Housing Agreement

CSIRO = Commonwealth Scientific (and) Industrial Research Organisation

CSP => Environmentspeak

CSR => Businesspeak

Cth = Commonwealth (of Australia)

CTS = Children's Television Standards

CTTT = Consumer Trader (and) Tenancy Tribunal

CTV = Cable Television

CV = curriculum vitae

CVP => Businesspeak

D-G = Director-General

DC = District Court

DCJ = Judge (of the) District Court

DCT = Deputy Commissioner (of) Taxation

dec'd = deceased

def. = definition

Democrats = Australian Democrats

Dept = Department

DFCT = Deputy Federal Commissioner (of) Taxation

DFDAT = Defence Force Discipline Appeal Tribunal

DLP = Democratic Labour Party

Div. = division

Div. Ct = Divisional Court

DOB = date of birth

DOCA = Deed of Company Arrangement (Part 5.3A (Corporations Act 2001 (Cth)) See SOA

Doha = not an achronym; called the Doha Round because the negotiations were launched in Doha, Qatar in 2001 and concluded 2006; see also Canc?n 2003, Geneva 2004, Hong Kong 2005, Geneva 2006, Potsdam 2007; see WTO

DPP = Director (of) Public Prosecutions

DR => Businesspeak

DTA = Double Tax Agreement

E&O = errors and omissions

E&OE = errors and omissions excepted

e.g. = exempli gratia (example)

EC = European Commission

ED => Businesspeak

ed. = edition

ed. = editor

EER => Environmentspeak

EFTPOS = Electronic Funds Transfer (at the) Point of Sale

EGM => Businesspeak

EITE => Environmentspeak

EMTR = Effective Marginal Tax Rate

EL = See Human Resources Glossary

env. = environment

environ. = environment

EOC = Equal Opportunity Commission

EOI => Tenderspeak

EOM => Businesspeak

EOP => Businesspeak

EOQ => Businesspeak

EOY => Businesspeak

EPBC => Environmentspeak

EPS = earnings per share

ERA = Economic Regulation Authority

ERA = Excellence (in) Research (for) Australia

ERP = IT-speak

ERP => Riskspeak

ERPS = IT-speak

ERU => Environmentspeak

ESAS => Environmentspeak

ESC => Environmentspeak

ESRI => Environmentspeak

ESS => Environmentspeak

etc. = et cetera (and the rest)

ETP = Eligible Termination Payment

ETS => Environmentspeak

ETU = Electrical Trades Union (of) Australia

Ex. = exhibit

EU = European Union

f. = folio

FAAA = Flight Attendants Association of Australia

FACTS = Federation (of) Australian Commercial Television Stations

Fam C of A = Family Court of Australia

FamCA = Family Court (of) Australia

FAO = Food (and) Agriculture Organization (of the United Nations)

FARB = Federation (of) Australian Radio Broadcasters

FBEU = (NSW) Fire Brigade Employees' Union

FBT => Businesspeak

FCA = Federal Court (of) Australia

FCT = Federal Commissioner (of) Taxation

FEC = Federal Electorate Council (of the ALP)

Fed. = Federal

Fed C of A = Federal Court of Australia

ff = folios

FIFO => Businesspeak

fig. = figure

Fed C of Bkty = Federal Court of Bankruptcy

Fin Review = Australian Financial Review

FIP = Families In Partnership

FMCG = fast-moving consumer goods (industry)

FOI = freedom of information (Federal)

FOI = freedom of information (States)

FOI = freedom of information

FPLP = Federal Parliamentary Labor Party

FSU = Finance Sector Union

FTA = Free Trade Agreement

G9 = now TERRiA

G-20 = Group (of) Twenty (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, UK, USA, EU, plus IMF and the World Bank)

GA Res = Resolution of United Nations General Assembly

GABBA, the = Brisbane Cricket Ground

GATT = General Agreement (on) Tariffs (and) Trade

Gaz. = gazette

GDP = Gross Domestic Product

Gen X = Generation X (those born 1965 to 1979)

Gen Y = Generation Y (those born 1980 to 1994)

Gen Z = Generation Z (those born 1995 to present)

GHG => Environmentspeak

GhGE => Environmentspeak

GhGR => Environmentspeak

GIC = General Interest Charge

GIO = Government Insurance Office

GIS => Environmentspeak

GG = Governor-General

GJ => Environmentspeak

Govt = Government

GPO = "General" (i.e. main city/State) Post Office

GPO = Government Printing Office

GST => Businesspeak

GRB => Environmentspeak

Greens = The Australian Greens

Gt => Environmentspeak

GTEM => Environmentspeak

Gtoe => Environmentspeak

HACSU = Health And Community Services Union

HC of A = High Court of Australia

HCA = High Court (of) Australia

HCFCs = hydrochlorofleurocarbons

HECS = Higher Education Contribution Scheme

HFC => Environmentspeak

HGWP => Environmentspeak

HIV = human immunodeficiency virus

HREOC = Human Rights (and) Equal Opportunity Commission

HSU = Health Services Union (of Australia)

IAS => Businesspeak

ICAC = Independent Commission Against Corruption

ICT = information (and) communications technology

id. = identical

IEU = Independent Education Union (of Australia)

IFRS => Businesspeak

ILO = International Labour Organization

IMG = interest-motivated group

IMF = International Monetary Fund

in liq. = in liquidation

Inc. = Incorporated

in prov. liq. = in provisional liquidation

insrt = inserted

Int. = International

Int'l = International

in vol. liq. = in voluntary liquidation

IOC = International Olympic Committee

IOU = "I owe you"

IP = intellectual property

IP Australia =

IPCC => Environmentspeak

IPO = Initial Public Offering

IR = industrial relations

IRC = Industrial Relations Commission

IRCA = Industrial Relations Court (of) Australia

ISBN = International Standard Book Number

IT = information technology

ITT => Tenderspeak

J = Justice

JA = Judge (of the Court of) Appeal

JDRF = Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

JJ = Justices

JJA = Judges (of the Court of) Appeal

JP = Justice (of the) Peace

KPI => Businesspeak

KSI => Businesspeak

Labor = Australian Labor Party

LAFHA = Living Away From Home Allowance

LCJ = Lord Chief Justice

LEC = Land (and) Environment Court

Liberals = Liberal Party

Libs = Liberal Party

LIFO => Businesspeak

LJ = Lord Justice

LJA = Lord Justice (of) Appeal

LHC = Lord High Chancellor

LHMU = Liquor, Hospitality (and) Miscellaneous Union

LL = Law Lord

Loc Ct = Local Court

Loc Govt = Local Government

Ltd = Limited

m = meridian ("midday" or "12.00 m" or "12.00 noon"or "12-noon"); See am; See pm;

MAD = mutually assured destruction

MC = Municipal Council

MagCt = Magistrate's Court

MAKPI => Businesspeak

MCG = Melbourne Cricket Ground

MEAA = Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance

MEP => Environmentspeak

MEPS => Environmentspeak

Mfg = Manufacturing

min. = Minister (of State)

Minister for = Minister of State for

MIS => Businesspeak

MLC = Member (of the) Legislative Council

MOU = memorandum of understanding

MP = Member (of) Parliament

MPI = matter (of) public importance

MR = Master (of the) Rolls

MS = manuscript

MSS = manuscripts

MUA = Maritime Union (of) Australia

MV = motor vessel

MYEFO = Mid-Year Economic (&) Fiscal Outlook (a federal government mid year economic planning document)

NAFTA = North American Free Trade Agreement (3 countries: Canada, Mexico and the USA)

Nationals = National Party

NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organization (26 countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Potugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, UK, USA)

NB = nota bene ("Please take note")

NBN = National Broadband Network

NCC = National Civic Council

NCOS => Environmentspeak

NCSC = National Companies (&) Securities Commission (now ASIC and CAC (State))

NEMMCO => Environmentspeak

NESB = non-English speaking background

NFFE => Environmentspeak

NFP => Businesspeak

NGCC => Environmentspeak

NGER => Environmentspeak

NGO = non-governmental organisation

NGR => Environmentspeak

NIDA = National Institute (of) Dramatic Art

NL = No Liability

NMV => Businesspeak

NMVOC => Environmentspeak

no = number

No = number (of Act)

NP = National Party

NPI => Environmentspeak

NPV => Businesspeak

NREU => Environmentspeak

NSW = New South Wales

NSWSC = NSW Supreme Court

NT = Northern Territory

NTEU = National Tertiary Education Union

NTSC = Northern Territory Supreme Court

NUS = National Union (of) Students

NUW = National Union (of) Workers

NWC = National Water Commission

O. = order

OAS = Organization (of) American States (35 member States: Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, The Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Grenada, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, USA, Uruguay, Venezuela)

OECD = Organisation (for) Economic Co-operation (and) Development (30 countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovak Republic, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UK, USA)

OGC => Environmentspeak

OPEC = Organization (of the) Petroleum Exporting Countries (12 countries: Algeria, Angola, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Venezuela)

Ord. = ordinance


OTC = Overseas Telecommunications Commission

Oxfam = used to be Ox(ford Committee for )Fam(ine Relief) now Oxfam

P. = President (of the Court of Appeal)

p. = page

para. = paragraph

PAE = post admission experience

Parl. = Parliament

PASA = Police Association of South Australia

PBS = Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme

PAYE = pay as you earn

PAYG = pay as you go

PBS = Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme

PDF = Pooled Development Fund

PFC => Environmentspeak

PINOP = Person In Need Of Protection

PLC = Public Limited Company

pm = post meridiem ("in the evening"); See m; See am; (Note: midnight is "12:00 pm")

pp. = pages

PPP = public-private partnership

PRC = Priorities Review Committee

Pres. = President

Pr. = Precedent

PS => Businesspeak

PSA = Public Service Association

PST = Pooled Superannuation Trust

Pt = part

PTD => Businesspeak

Pte = Private

Pty = Proprietary

Pty Ltd = Proprietary Limited

PTYlarge => Businesspeak

PTYsmall => Businesspeak

PV => Environmentspeak

QA = quality assurance

QC = quality control

QC = Queen's Counsel

QCA = Queensland Court (of) Appeal

QCU = Queensland Council (of) Unions

QIEU = Queensland Independent Education Union

Qld = Queensland

QNU = Queensland Nurses Union

QPSU = Queensland Public Sector Union

QSC = Queensland Supreme Court

QSU = Queensland Services Union

QTU = Queensland Teachers' Union (of Employees)

r. = rule

R&D = research and development

RAAF = Royal Australian Air Force

RBA = Reserve Bank (of) Australia

REC => Environmentspeak

RECA => Environmentspeak

receiver and manager apptd = receiver and manager appointed

REDD => Environmentspeak

reg. = regulation

reg'd = registered

regs = regulations

REOI => Tenderspeak

Repat. = Repatriation

RER => Environmentspeak

RFI => Tenderspeak

RFP => Tenderspeak

RFR => Tenderspeak

RFROI => Tenderspeak

RFT => Tenderspeak

RITS = Reserve (Bank) Information (and) Transfer System

RM = risk management

RMU => Environmentspeak

ROI => Tenderspeak

rr. = rules

RSL = Returned (&) Services League (of Australia)

RTBU = Australian Rail, Tram (and) Bus Union

RTGS = Real Time Gross Settlement

RV => Businesspeak

s. = section

S-G = Solicitor General

SA = South Australia

SAC => Businesspeak

SAI => Environmentspeak

SASC = South Australia Supreme Court

SOA = Scheme of Arrangement (Part 5.1 (Corporations Act 2001 (Cth)) See DOCA

SBS = Special Broadcasting Service

SC Res. = Security Council (of the United Nations) Resolution

SC = Senior Counsel

SCG = Sydney Cricket Ground

sch. = schedule

SDA = Shop Distributive (and) Allied (Employees Association)

SDRs = special drawing rights (IMF)

SEER => Environmentspeak

Sen. = Senator

SEO (pronounced letter by letter) => IT

SES = socioeconomic status

SES = State Emergency Services

SES = See Human Resources Glossary

SGM => Businesspeak

SLA Service Level Agreement

SM = Stipendiary Magistrate

SME = small (to) medium enterprise

SMEs = small (to) medium enterprises

SMH = Sydney Morning Herald

SMSF = self-managed superannuation fund

Soc. = Society

SOR => Tenderspeak

SP => Environmentspeak

SPS = satellite program services

ss. = sections

SSAT = Social Security Appeals Tribunal

SSTUWA = State School Teachers' Union (of) Western Australia

STD = sexually transmitted disease

STD = subscriber trunk dialling

STP => Environmentspeak

subcl. = subclause

subdiv. = subdivision

subpara. = subparagraph

subr. = subrule

subreg. = subregulation

subs. = subsection

supp. = supplement

SWIFT = Society (for) Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications

t/as = trading as

TAFE = Technical And Further Education

Tas. = Tasmania

TASSC = Tasmanian Supreme Court

TCFUA = Textile Clothing (and) Footwear Union (of) Australia

TCF = textile, clothing (and) footwear

TD-MI = TD (Securities) - Melbourne Institute (of Applied Economic and Social Research) (Experimental Monthly Inflation Gauge)

TECAP => Environmentspeak

TERRiA = Not an acronym but the name of a consortium (Optus, Telecom New Zealand (AAPT/PowerTel), iiNet, Macquarie Telecom, Internode, Primus, Soul and TransACT)

TFN => Businesspeak

TLCWA = Trades & Labour Council of Western Australia

TOT = Terms Of Trade

TPV = Temporary Protection Visa

Treas. = Treasurer

TRIP = trade-related intellectual property

TRIPS = trade-related intellectual property (right)s

TSD = Trilateral Security Dialogue (3 countries: Australia, Japan, and the US)

TTWT => Tenderspeak

TWU> = Transport Workers' Union (of Australia)

UAE = United Arab Emirates

UAP = United Australia Party

UFU = United Firefighters Union

UK = United Kingdom

Un-Inc. = Un-Incorporated

UN = United Nations

UNAIDS = (Joint) United Nations (Programme on HIV/)AIDS

UNDP = United Nations Development Programme

UNEP = United Nations Environment Programme

UNESCO = United Nations Educational Scientific (and) Cultural Organization

UNFCCC = United Nations Framework Convention (on) Climate Change

UNHCR = United Nations High Commissioner (for) Refugees

Uni. = university/universities (Australia)

uni. = university (related)

UNICEF = United Nations Children's Fund

UNICEF Australia = United Nations Children's Fund (Australia)

UNIFEM = United Nations Development Fund for Women

UNYA = United Nations Youth Association

US = United States (of America)

USA = United States (of) America

USU = United Services Union

UTLC = United Trades (and) Labor Council (of South Australia)

v. = versus (used in case names)

VC = venture capital

VCS => Environmentspeak

VCU => Environmentspeak

Vic. = Victoria

VIEU = Victorian Independent Education Union

VOC => Environmentspeak

Vol. = volume

vol admin apptd = voluntary administrator appointed

vs = versus

VSC = Victorian Supreme Court

VSCA = Victorian Court (of) Appeal

VTHC = Victorian Trades Hall Council

WA = Western Australia

WACA = Western Australia Cricket Association

WAPOU = Western Australia Prison Officers Union

WDV => Businesspeak

WEF = World Economic Forum

WFP = (UN) World Food Programme

WHO = World Health Organization (UN)

WIP => Businesspeak

WMD = weapons (of) mass destruction

WMS => Environmentspeak

WTO = World Trade Organization (UN)