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docDownload brings together a number of professional writers and decades of experience in preparing corporate, IT, legal and personal documentation. Our writers seek to hand on their skills to the next generation of budding writers.

The head writer at docDownload and the person responsible for the concept of docDownload is Steve Irons BEc (Sydney Uni) MArt (UNSW). Steve has spent 25 years preparing documents for small, medium and large corporations, both in Sydney and abroad. Steve has lectured in TAFE colleges both in Sydney and in London and has been guest lecturer at University level in Australia.

Quality Statement

Natural Link to the Desktop

docDownload is dedicated to providing a website on the Internet that is considered to be the key source for templates within the contemporary corporate and business world in Australia. The website seeks to establish a natural link to the desktop of document-writers so that they will naturally seek out a template from docDownload every time they start a new document.

Generous Site

To make this site a natural link to the desktop we guarantee our site to be a generous site. The docDownload site provides a lot of free information, making it worthwhile to visit the site whenever a new project is under way, even if the user decides eventually not to download.

Value for Money

Charges are only made for documents that have been researched and properly developed. In the docDownload product there is a commitment to the 'complete and compliant' nature of the template, giving the buyer more for their money, giving them more variables to choose from and a more complete document, closer to publication. The objective is to reduce dramatically the amount of time the user needs to spend on any document (s)he chooses to download.

Customers' Needs

docDownload recognizes continuous development of new and relevant templates as a primary business objective. To do this docDownload needs to continuously stay in contact with our customers' changing needs.

International Compliance

Our products, although focused on Australian business and corporate needs, are world class and of value to users worldwide. Where international standards apply, this is made clear and the requirements of any applicable standards are always included in the template.


docDownload also continues to find new and innovative ways of using templates to impact on the current outdated methodologies of particular industries in Australia, using new templates to help them make the otherwise difficult journey into a rapidly changing globalised world.

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