Australian swearwords; slang; terms of abuse

For some visitors to Australia, or Australians born in another country, some Australian words that are used all the time (but considered by some to be improper or "slang") can be hard to understand. Here are some useful definitions:

Note: if you are an Australian, born in Australia, who would be offended by seeing naughty words, please do not read any further. It is highly likely that you know the meanings given by many Australians to these slang words, anyway. This list is prepared for those who are likely to hear these words and not understand what they mean. Any act of censorship related to this list acts to the detriment of these people and to the benefit of nobody.

(f) = female

(m) = male

(s) = sexual connotation

(ns) = no sexual connotation

- A -

ace! = excellent!, very good! (ns)

aerial ping pong = Australian Rules football; footy (ns)

agro = aggressive, unpleasant, wanting to mix it (ns)

airy fairy = vague (ns); See bullshit

(I'm) all ears = listening (ns)

(he/she was) all smiles = happy (ns)

all the go = popular, accepted (ns)

amber fluid = beer (ns)

amber liquid = amber fluid (ns)

anchors = brakes (of the car) (ns)

ankle biter = tot, small child, rug rat, (not yet a kid or a sprog); See also kid, sprog, brat, little bugger (ns)

ant's pants = excellent, bee's knees (ns)

any tick of the clock = soon (ns)

she'll be apples = it'll be OK (ns)

arse = anus, bottom, posterior (ns)

arse = luck (ns); (more arse than class) (ns)

arse around = muck about; muck around (ns)

arse about = arse around (ns); See ass

arse about = arse about face (ns)

arse about face = in the wrong sequential order; back-to-front, out-of-order, wrong-way-around (ns)

arsetalk = talk through your arse, go on and on with nonsense, clatterfart (ns)

arsehole (m) = immoral, unfriendly, uncaring person (man) (ns)

arsehole = anus (ns)

(to) kick arse = (to) succeed; (to) overpower (ns)

get your arse into gear = get ready to start (work); stop mucking around (ns)

arse over tit = fall over (ns)

(to) give the arse to = (to) wipe; (to) treat with contempt (ns)

take your finger out of your arse! = hurry up!; go faster!; stop messing around! (ns)

pull your finger out! = hurry up!; go faster!; stop messing around! (ns)

jam it up your arse! = abandon it and don't mention it again! (ns)

stick it up your arse! = abandon it and don't mention it again! (ns)

arse licker = one who seeks his favour or acceptance by acting as if he is of extreme importance (ns)

arse wipe (m) = shithead (ns)

arvo = afternoon (ns)

ass = the American colony could not use the East London word "arse" to focus on the human anus, as it was too naughty, so they introduced a placebo "ass"; this has finally taken over in Australia; the effect of this is to weaken slang in Australia and to remove a range of arse-associated slang words used very often in Australia from the vocabulary, but there is no standing in the way of progress; See arse (ns)

asshole = See ass; See arsehole (ns)

aussie = Australian (ns)

aussie salute = to wave my hand to keep flies away from my face (ns)

- B -

(to) babble on = talk incessantly; See waffle; See yabber (ns)

baby boomer = demographic (born between 1946 and 1964) (ns)

back-to-front = in the wrong sequential order; arse about face, out-of-order, wrong-way-around (ns)

back hander = bribe; See also back handing compliment (ns)

back handing compliment = compliment (probably unwarranted but offered) to achieve benefit (ns)

back of beyond = too far away (ns)

back of bourke = back of beyond (ns); long way away; too far away (ns)

(this person is) bad news = (this person is) dangerous - be careful (ns)

bad trot = period of misfortune (ns)

baffle = deceive (ns)

(to) bag (someone) = (to) speak negatively of (ns)

(old) bag = (old) prostitute

bag of fruit = suit (ns)

(to) bail out = (to) leave (ns)

balls (m) = testicles

(to) make a balls of = (to) damage, ruin (ns)

balls and all (m) = into it, engaged completely (ns)

balls up = error, bad mistake (ns)

bananas = insanity (ns)

(to) bang = (to) have sex, copulate, intercourse (vagina or anus)

(to) bang her up = make her pregnant

(she is) banged up = (she is) pregnant

bang on = right on; exactly correct (ns)

banger = sausage, see snag (ns)

bangers (and mash) = sausages (& mashed potatoes) (ns)

barbie = bbq (ns)

barnie = dispute, argument, fight (ns)

(to give it a) bash = (to) try (ns)

basket case = crazy, insane person (ns)

bastard (m) = immoral, unfriendly, uncaring person (man) (ns)

(you old) bastard (m) = my friend (man) (ns)

batter about = do things; occupied (ns)

battler = person who works hard, hangs in, persists despite setback (ns)

bbq = barbeque (ns); See barbie

BCV = before corona virus (ns)

beat around the bush = tell a story that hides the truth (ns)

(that's) beaut = (that is) excellent, terrific! (ns)

(you're a) beaut = (you are) excellent, terrific!

(you're a real) beaut = (you are) excellent, terrific!

you beauty! = that's excellent! (ns)

beer gut = fat stomach (ns)

bee's knees = excellent, ant's pants (ns)

(give you a) bell = telephone call; (i'll) call you (ns)

bicky = biscuit (ns)

biff = a hard slap or light punch around the head (ns)

biffo = a light punchup using a number of biffs between friends, rivals or adversaries; not too serious (ns)

billy = tin pot for boiling water (ns)

billy cart = home-made toy for transporting friend (ns)

bingle = accident, car crash (minor) (ns)

birthday suit = nakedness

bit of alright = attractive

bitch (f) = immoral, unfriendly, uncaring person (woman) (ns)

(a) bitch on heat (f) = a woman seeking (casual) sex

(a) fucking bitch! = a real bitch (ns)

(put the) bite (on) = (cynically) seek a loan or seek financial support (from a friend) (ns)

black stump (behind the) = out the back, secluded and alone (ns); Compare back of bourke, back of beyond, woop-woop

blockhead = fuckwit

black stump (beyond the) = back of beyond, back of bourke, woop-woop (ns); Compare behind the black stump, out the back

blew in = (he/she) arrived unannounced (ns)

blogger me! (ns)

bloke = man (ns)

bloody hell! = wow! (ns)

bloody bastard = bastard (ns)

bloody bitch = bitch (ns)

bloody bullshit = bullshit (ns)

bloody oath! = absolutely! (ns)

bloody shit = shit

blooming = bloody (ns)

blotto = totally inebriated; incapacitated from inebriation; See drunk (ns)

blower = telephone (ns)

blow in = stranger arrives unannounced (ns)

blow job = fellatio; suck until orgasm (ejaculation)

blow me down = wow! (ns)

blow shit (out of him/her) = severely reprimand (him/her) (ns)

blow your dough = lose your money (gambling) (ns)

bludge = seek unnecessary, unrequited, improper gratuity (ns)

bludger = user (ns)

blue = fight, disagreement, argument (ns)

blue arsed fly = person who is extremely busy (ns)

(to cry) blue murder = (to) appeal for help (ns)

blunder = mistake (ns)

boardies = board shorts (apparel for swimming, surfing, bike-riding) (ns)

bob's your uncle = everything is OK (ns)

bog = shit (ns)

bog = boghouse (ns)

boghouse = toilet (ns) ; dunny; shithouse; thunderbox (ns)

bollocks (m) = balls, testicles

bollocks! = rubbish! (ns)

bollocking = angry chastisement (ns)

(to) cop a bollocking = (to) receive an angry talking to or chastisement from a boss or a person in authority (ns)

bomb = old car (ns)

boo! = (a word with no meaning used to scare someone who is not expecting it); (Compare boo; boo-hoo); (ns)

boo! = no!; oh no! terrible! fuck off you cunts! (especially football, cricket, etc.); (Compare hoo-ray!; Compare boo (ns)

boobs (f) = breasts

boo-hoo! = I'm upset; I'm crying; Compare woo-hoo!; Compare boo (ns)

boomer = baby boomer (ns)

boomer remover = something (like covid19) that will kill lots of baby boomers (ageism by younger generations) (ns)

booze = drinks, alcohol (ns)

bored shitless = bored to death, very bored (ns)

boss cocky = employer, supervisor (ns)

bottom (f) = arse

bottoms up = drink it and finish it (ns)

(I haven't got a) brass razoo = (I am) broke (ns)

brat = a misbehaved child, kid, sprog, a little bugger; See also tot (ns)

brecky = breakfast (ns)

broke = penniless; skint (ns)

brown eye = flash (reveal) anus

brown nose = arse licker (ns)

buckup = come on have some guts, will ya? take a bit of interest, lighten up (ns)

buckley's = buckley's chance (ns)

buckley's chance = no chance (ns)

budgie smugglers = swimming apparel (m); See togs; speedos (ns)

(to) bugger = homosexual sex, copulate, intercourse (anus)

(little) bugger = a brat, a misbehaved child, kid, sprog; See also tot (ns)

bugger all! = none! (ns)

bugger me! = I'm surprised (ns)

bugger me, dead! = I'm very surprised (ns)

(to) bugger off = (to) leave (ns)

bugger off! = leave! leave me alone! (ns)

(to) bugger up = (to) damage, ruin (ns)

buggerlugs = my little kid; my little bugger; scallywag (ns)

(I'm) buggered = I'm tired (ns)

buggery = place of male prostitution

(go to) buggery! = piss off! get out of my sight! (ns)

bullshit = shit (ns)

bullshit = lies, inane rubbish, irrelevancies (ns)

bum = arse

bum = freeloader, scrounger, sponger (ns)

(to) bum a lift = (to) scrounge a lift (in another's car) (ns)

burkini = swimming apparel (acceptable to orthodox Muslim) (f) (ns)

buttered bun = fuck (s) second in line

buttered scone = fuck (s) second in line

butty = sandwich made of (white) bread & butter (butty); See also hot chip sanger; See also sanger; See also sanga (ns)

- C -

cack = shit, crap (ns)

cack = (to) shit; (to) crap (ns); See also icac (s)

camp (m) = homosexual

clap = sexually transmitted disease (s)

clapper = transmitter of a sexually transmitted disease; See happyclapper (s)

clatterfart = talk through your arse (ns)

Clatterfart = someone with verbal diarrhoea; See arsetalk (ns)

clutterfuck = many assemble for a fuck; often a gangbang (s)

cheap drunk = screamer (ns)

(hot) chip butty = sandwich made of (white) bread & butter (butty), filled with (hot) chips; See also sanger; See also sanga (ns)

(hot) chip sanger = sandwich made of (white) bread & butter, filled with (hot) chips; See also sanger; See also sanga (ns)

chock-a-block = full to overflowing; jam-packed (ns)

chockers = chock-a-block (ns)

chook = hen, as in chicken (ns)

chook = woman (usually refers to older (outside our) age range); not some young sheila (ns)

(to) chunder = (to) vomit, (to) chuck up under the influence of drugs, alcohol, etc. (ns)

chuck = throw (as in a cricket ball, an ARF football, etc.) (ns)

(to) chuck = (to) vomit; See chunder (ns)

(to) chuck a sickie = (to) take sick leave from work (a lie) (ns)

clit (f) = clitoris

cobber (m) = friend; See mate (ns)

cock (m) = penis

(to) cock it up = (to) damage, ruin (ns)

cockalorum= cocky (ns)

cocky = cockatoo (ns)

cocky = arrogant (ns)

cocky = landowner (ns) (Note: in some parts of the country a 'cocky' is a large landowner, 10,000 acres or more, in other, a 'cocky' is a farmer, any holding)

come (m) = semen (old spelling; now US spelling cum is the norm)

(to) come = orgasm (m) or (f)

coo-ee = yell (over a long distance); (See holler) (ns)

congrats! = congratulations! (ns)

cor = wow! (ns)

cor strewth = wow! wow! (ns)

corona moaner = whingers who will not follow covid19 restrictions, regulations, lockdowns, lockouts, or who use this whinging to organise for other hidden agendas (ns) (See covidiot)

coronacation = maybe fornication & increased sexual intercourse between partners arising from WFH due to covid19 regulations (NB: just a wetdream; it never happened)

coronacoma = there is said to be some small benefit from covid lockdown, isolation, or spending 14 days in quarantine, maybe that "deliciously long quarantine sleep" (ns)

coronapocalypse = a whingers' (corona moaners') account of the breakdown in social cohesion due to removal of human rights due to "unfair" policing of covid19 restrictions (ns)

coronials = some predicted a new baby boom in late 2020, 2021, 2022 because of loss of jobs & increase in WFH (but the expected coronacation arising from WFH never happened). This new demographic would (they said) have been called the coronials.

cossies = See swimmers

covideo party = whingers who break the rules during lockdowns to get together to have a bit of fun (ns) (See corona moaner)

covidiot = whingers who will not follow covid19 restrictions, regulations, lockdowns, lockouts, or who use this whinging to organise for other hidden agendas (ns) (See corona moaner)

covidivorce = likelihood of separation or divorce increases due to domestic violence due to loss of jobs, lockdown during covid

cozzies = (costumes) See swimmers

(to be a) crawler = (to) humiliate myself publicly by sucking up to him/her (ns)

(to) crack a fat (m) = (to) have an erection

(to) crack on (m) or (f) = (to) pursue a conversation or a relationship; (to) seek a fuck

crap = cack, shit (ns)

crap = lies, inane rubbish, irrelevancies (ns)

crawler = brown nosed arse licker (ns)

crook = unwell, sick (ns)

crook = criminal (ns)

cry-baby = adult who is easily upset and acts like a child, a sook (ns)

cum = semen; US spelling, now the norm; See come

cunt (f) = vagina

cunt (m) = immoral, unfriendly, uncaring person (man) (ns)

you're a cunt! = you act in an unfriendly, uncaring manner (ns)

you're a rude cunt! = you are rude, which turns you into a cunt (ns)

you dirty cunt! = you are immoral (ns)

you ugly cunt! = you are ugly (ns)

cold as a nun's cunt! = freezing (weather) (ns)

cunt rash (f) = thrush

- D -

dacks (m) = trousers, strides (ns)

dag = uncool jerk, but I love you (ns)

dags = dried shit on the arse of a ram, wether or ewe (ns)

dags (m) = shit on my trousers, strides (ns)

derro = homeless derelect person; street dweller (ns)

dick (m) = penis

dick = imbecile (m) (ns)

dickhead = imbecile (m) (ns)

dick brain (m) = his brain is between his legs; he can only think about fucking (s)

(you) dickbrain! = you're so stupid (ns)

dicky = uncertain, likely to be affected (ns)

dicky times = uncertain times (ahead), period in which (I am) likely to be affected (say by corona virus) (ns)

dill = silly dickhead (ns)

dinky di = absolutely; fair dinkum (ns)

drag king (f) = lesbian dressed as a man (in drag)

drag queen (m) = homosexual dressed as a woman (in drag)

drongo = uninteresting fuckwit, drones (goes) on and on about nothing, (ns); See poop

drunk = inebriated; See blotto (ns)

dough = money (ns)

dyke (f) = lesbian

(to) dump someone = (to) cease or end a relationship

dung = shit

dunny = toilet (ns); boghouse; shithouse; thunderbox (ns)

- E -

earbashing = talk at one person incessantly (ns)

(to) eat a horse = (to) eat a huge meal (ns)

(to) eat shit = (to) take undeserved criticism or punishment (ns) without comment

(we are) even stevens = we are equal, noone owes the other (ns)

every dog has its day = (your/my) time will come (eventually); be patient

- F -

fair dinkum = real, truthful, honourable, can be believed (ns)

fan-fucking-tastic = considered by me to be excellent (ns)

fanny (f) = cunt (f)

fanny (f) = vagina

fart = emit wind from my anus

old fart (m) = old man, old friend (ns)

boring old fart = my good friend (ns)

fart about = play around, waste time (ns)

fart around = fart about (ns)

fart arse about = fart about (ns)

fart arse around = fart about (ns)

fat (m) = an erection

fire away! = start your address!; begin your speech! (ns)

fish out of water = insecure in the circumstances; in the wrong place (ns)

fisticuff = open punchup; barnie (ns); See also shirtfront

five o'clock shadow (m) = visibly in need of a shave (ns)

flake out = lie down to recuperate (ns)

flash = reveal anus brown eye

flat chat = (continue) without any rest (ns)

flat out = going as fast as possible (ns)

flea bag = dirty, unclean, unfriendly (ns)

(give him/her the) flick = piss him/her off (ns)

flute (m) = penis

footy = football, futbol

frigging = fucking

frothing at the mouth = angry

fuck = have sex, copulate, intercourse (vagina or anus)

fuck me! = I'm surprised (ns)

fuck me, dead! = I'm very surprised (ns)

(to) fuck me = (to) have sex with me, copulate, intercourse

fuck you! = I couldn't care less about you (ns)

fucked = completely exhausted; zonked (ns)

(to) fuck off = (to) leave (ns)

fuck off! = disappear! get out of my sight! (ns)

(to) fuck it up = (to) damage, ruin (ns)

(to) frigg it up = (to) damage, ruin (ns)

oh fuck! = I'm surprised (ns)

fuck a duck! = that's incredible! See shit a brick! See oh shit! (ns)

fucking fantastic! = that's excellent! (ns)

(to) fuck around = (to) fuck (s) with many partners; indiscriminately

(to) fuck around = (to) do lots but achieve nothing (ns)

fucking = (empahasis) (ns)

fucking oath = absolutely; See my oath (ns)

fuckwit = idiot (ns)

fucked me senseless = a top quality fuck (s)

who the fuck did it? = I do not know who did it (ns)

what the fuck was it? = I do not know what it was (ns)

what the fuck? = can you explain? (ns)

means fuck all! = meaningless! it is unimportant! (ns)

I'm fucked = I'm tired (ns)

I feel fucked = I'm feeling that I am going nowhere; I feel that I cannot succeed (ns)

I am fucked = I am powerless to proceed (ns)

who the fuck does (s)he think (s)he is? = (s)he is arrogant (ns)

a casual fuck = a fuck (s) without expectations about the future relationship

fucking funny! = very funny (ns)

fucking good! = very good (ns)

fucking hilarious! = hilarious and appreciated (ns)

how fucked is that? = this is stupid! (ns)

- G -

gang bang = more than one man fucks (s) one woman (usually rape)

gay (m) = homosexual

galah = idiot (ns)

geez! = Jesus!, fuck me! (ns)

get fucked! = piss off, fuck off (ns)

get the fuck out of here! = piss off, fuck off (ns)

(to) get into bed with = (to) team up with (ns)

(to) get into her knickers = (to) pursue a casual fuck (s) and succeed

gidday = hi (ns)

(to) go down on (m) = fellatio; (to) suck on his dick/cock

(to) go down on (f) = cunnilingus; (to) suck her vagina

GOK = god only knows

good day = giddays (ns)

grog = alcohol (ns)

guts = stomach (ns)

(to) have the guts = (to) be brave enough (ns)

gutless = lack stamina; weak; fearful (ns)

gutser = failure (ns)

(to) come a gutser = (to) fall over; (to) experience complete failure (ns)

- H -

(I) can't hack it = I have had it; I have lost patience; I have had enough (ns)

(I) have had it = I can't hack it; I have lost patience; I have had enough (ns)

a hand job = masturbation (m) (by someone else)

hang on a tick = please wait a moment; See wait a tick (ns)

happyclapper = one who knowingly transmits a sexually transmitted disease (the clap) but couldn't give a fuck for the recipient; See clapper (s)

a hard (m) = an erection

a hard on (m) = an erection

a head job = oral sex

heaps = a lot, much (ns)

hike = walk (a long way) (ns)

hiker = walker (a long way) (ns)

(to) hit on (m) or (f) = (to) pursue a conversation or a relationship; (to) seek a fuck

hoe (f) = whore

hoe bag (f) = whore's cunt

hole (f) = vagina

holler = yell (over a long distance) (See coo-ee), make it known (with a loud voice) (ns)

(I'll) holler = (I'll) get in touch (I promise) (ns)

holy fuck! = wow! (ns)

holy fuck! = that's amazing! (ns)

hooker (f) = prostitute

hoo-ray! = yes!; wonderful! terrific! congrats! woo-hoo! (especially football, cricket, etc.); (Compare boo) (ns)

hooroo = see you later (ns)

- I -

icac = I cack; I shit (ns)

in a jiffy = in a moment; in a short period of time; very soon (ns); See in a tick; See wait a tick; See hang on a tick

in a tick = (in the ticking of a clock); in a moment; in a short period of time; very soon (ns); See in a jiffy; See wait a tick; See hang on a tick;

in good nick = well preserved; in good condition; healthy (ns)

(to be) in it up to your neck = (to be) compromised; (to be) implicated in a crime or a misdemeanour (ns)

in the know = has inside information (ns)

in the raw = naked (ns)

in the shit = in trouble (ns)

in the sticks = out of town (ns); See back of bourke; See back of beyond

irrits = feelings of extreme irritation (ns)

iso = isolation (ns)

isobar = (quiet) place for a drink during isolation (ns)

isodesk = (quiet) place for (admin) work during isolation; See WFH (ns)

- J -

the jack (m) or (f) = sexually transmitted disease; gonorrhoea

(to) do jack shit = (to) do absolutely nothing (ns)

jerk = my friend you're a wanker (ns)

jerk off = masturbate (m) until orgasm (ejaculation)

(to) jerk the mutton = (to) masturbate (m) (self)

(to) job (him/someone) = (to) punch (m) (ns)

jocks = underpants (m) (ns)

Joe Blo = someone, anyone (unimportant who it is) (m) (ns)

- K -

(a) kick in the guts = an event leading to despair or extreme disappointment (ns)

kid = child (ns)

knackered = tired; exhausted (ns)

knackers (m) = balls, testicles

knickers = a woman's underwear (pants)

knockers = tits

knob (m) = penis

knock it off! = stop!; cease!; desist! (ns)

(to) knock it off = (to) steal it (ns)

(to) knock him off = (to) kill him (ns)

(to) knock her off = (to) pursue a casual fuck (s) and succeed

(to) knock him around = (to) hurt him (emotionally); (to) upset him (ns)

(to) knock her around (a bit) (m) = (to) belt her up (domestic violence)

(to) belt her up (m) = domestic violence

- L -

lay off! = leave him alone! (ns)

lay off! = leave her alone! (s)

lay off! = abandon it and don't mention it again! (ns)

(to) lick his arse = (to) seek his favour or acceptance by acting as if he is of extreme importance (ns)

lingo = slang (ns)

lolly = manufactured sweet (ns)

lose my temper = become angry; See throw a wobbly (ns)

love bite = pash-rash; skin blemish on the neck caused by compassionate snogging

lugs = ears; (ns) See bugger lugs

- M -

magpied = distracted by shiny things (ns) Note: an old reference to affectation that became more popular during the run on dunny paper (or disappearance of pasta & tinned tomatoes from supermarket shelves) at the beginning of a covid lockdown

man whore (m) = male prostitute

mate (m) = friend; See cobber (ns)

(to) mess around = (to) waste time; (to) not take things seriously; (to) waste others' time (ns)

miley = the Miley Cyrus (the vurus) (ns)

mix it = have a fight (with many) (ns)

mo fo (m) = mother-fucker

mole (f) = prostitute

fucking mole (f) = a woman with few morals

hey fucking mole! = hi, my friend! (ns)

moll (f) = spunk

the moosh = the mouth (ns)

(to) cop it in the moosh = (to) receive a smack in the mouth (ns)

muck about = mess around (ns)

muck around = mess around (ns)

(to) muck around = (to) play; (to) have fun (ns)

a mug (m) or (f) = an idiot; a fool; a gullible person (ns)

mutton (m) = penis

mutton gun (m) = penis

my oath = absolutely; See fucking oath (ns)

- N -

(to) nick off = (to) leave (often before officially sanctioned) (ns)

nick off! = piss off! (ns)

no fuckin' worries = don't worry; everything will be OK; See no worries; See she'll be right! (ns)

no worries = don't worry; everything will be OK; See she'll be right!; See no fuckin' worries (ns)

nuts (m) = balls; testicles

- O -

my oath! = yes! (ns)

bloody oath! = yes! (ns)

fucking oath! = absolutely yes! (ns)

(to) come out = a homosexual couple announces their relationship to friends, family, workmates, the public (ns); not necessary in Australia now as marriage is legal, but may still be personally necessary

OD = overdose (especially drugs) (ns)

office bike (f) = woman who fucks with many of her workmates (s)

office bike (m) = man (homosexual) who fucks with many of his workmates (s)

on my own = (I am) alone; (I am) I have no partner; (I did it) with no help from anyone (ns)

on my todd = on my own (ns)

on your bike! = fuck off! (ns)

on the outer = shunned; ostracised (ns)

get out! = piss off, fuck off (ns)

get the fuck out of here! = piss off, fuck off (ns)

out-of-line = badly behaved; not following protocol; disrespectful (ns)

out-of-order = in the wrong sequential order; arse about face, back-to-front, wrong-way-around (ns)

out-of-order = (machinery) failed (ns)

out-of-order = out-of-line (ns)

ozzie = aussie (ns)

- P -

pandemic pants = no pants needed during WFH zoom conference

panel van = a car useful as a shaggin wagon (s)

pansy (m) = homosexual

para = (paralytic) blotto; rotton (ns)

pash = compassionate snog

pash-rash = love bite; skim blemish seemingly or probably caused by compassionate snogging

perk = (small) fraudulent benefit (from power or position) (ns)

perve (m) = pervert, voyeur

(to) perve = voyeurism

pester = annoying interogation or ridicule (ns)

PFO = pissed & fell over (ns)

a piece of piss = an easy job; a guaranteed outcome (ns)

a piece of work = a fuckwit (m)

a real piece of work = a complete fuckwit (m)

piddle = piss (ns)

pig's arse = no way! you've got to be joking! (ns)

like the hair on a pig's arse = none! (ns)

(happy as) a pig in shit = happy; content (ns)

(to) pinch = (to) steal (ns)

pinkie = little boy's penis

piss = urine

(to) piss = (to) urinate

take a piss = urinate

(to) piss off = (to) leave (ns)

piss off! = fuck off! disappear! get out of my sight! (ns)

piss him/her off = end relationship

you piss me off = you anger me (ns)

piss = alcohol (ns) (See plonk; tinnies); amber liquid

I am pissed = I am drunk (ns)

piss poor = weak, value-less, of little value (ns)

(to) piss myself = (to) urinate in my pants/ trousers/ knickers (ns)

(to) piss myself laughing = (to) laugh so much I felt I could piss myself (ns)

pisspot = an alcoholic (ns)

pissed as a parrot = drunk and senseless (ns)

pissed as a newt = drunk and senseless (ns)

(to) piss in his pocket = (to) seek his favour or acceptance by acting as if he is of extreme importance (ns)

(to) play (m) or (f) = (to) experiment (s)

(to) play the flute (m) = (to) masturbate (self)

player (m) or (f) = one who fucks (s) with many partners; indiscriminate;

player (m) or (f) = one who fucks (s) with both sides; indiscriminate; bisexual

playing around = fucking (s) with many partners; indiscriminately

plonk = wine (ns) (See piss)

plunger (m) = penis

poonce (f) = vagina

poonce (m) = weak, effeminate, idiot (ns)

poop = the shit that comes from the mouth of a nincompoop or that always follows an act of nincompoopery (ns)

poop = shit (some consider more acceptable than 'shit') (ns)

porkies = lies (ns)

prick (m) = penis

(to) pot (m) = (to) to fuck (her)

prick (m) = immoral, unfriendly, uncaring person (man) (ns)

(to) pull the pud = (to) masturbate (m) (self)

poof (m) = poofter

poofter (m) = homosexual

pull your head in! = shut up! (ns)

pud (m) = penis

put the hard word on (m) = hassle a woman (or a man) for a fuck or sexual favours (at work this is called sexual harassment and is illegal)

put (someone) down = bag (ns)

- Q -

quack = doctor (MD) (ns)

quarantini = a drink in quarantine?

queen (m) = homosexual

queer (m) = homosexual

quickie (m) or (f) = a quick fuck (s)

a quick fuck = an opportunist root (s)

(make a) quid = earn good money (ns)

not the full quid = imbecilic (ns)

- R -

rack off! = fuck off! (ns)

(to) rage = (to) celebrate; (to) party (ns)

ratbag = insensitive, uncaring person (ns)

ratshit = finished; useless (ns)

I am ratshit! = I am tired; finished; useless (ns)

(acting as (a) (the)) raw prawn = pretend to know nothing (ns)

(his/her) rear = (his/her) arse (ns)

reckon = estimate; consider (ns)

relly = relative, (member of my family, uncle aunt cousin, etc) (ns)

ridgi-didge = genuine (ns)

righto = OK (ns)

right on = bang on; exactly correct (ns)

ring-in = imposter (ns)

(to be) ripped off = (to be) cheated; (to) have your belongings/money stolen (ns)

ripper! = wow! great! (ns)

(to) root = (to) have sex, copulate, intercourse

rooting around = fucking (s) with many partners; indiscriminately

rooting around = searching or prying (ns)

(to) root me = (to) have sex, copulate, intercourse with me

(to) have a root = (to) have a fuck (s)

an opportunist root = a quick fuck; a quickie (s)

root a boot! = masturbation is a poor substitute for a fuck (s)

rooted = fucked (ns)

rotten = blotto (ns)

(he's (a bit)) rough (on her) = (she's a victim of) domestic violence (ns)

round = an agreement amongst a group of dinkers for each in the group to take it turn to shout the others in the group a drink (ns)

ruckus = commotion (ns)

rug-up = put on warm clothes (ns)

- S -

sanga = sandwich; See also hot chip sanger; See also sanger ; See also butty (ns)

sanger = sanga (ns)

sanny = (hand) sanitizer (ns)

scallywag = See buggerlugs (ns)

(to) screw = (to) fuck (s)

scorcher = hot day (ns)

screamer = cheap drunk (ns)

screw-loose = slightly insane (ns)

screw you! = I couldn't care less about you! (ns)

(to) screw me = (to) have sex with me, copulate, intercourse

screwing around = fucking (s) with many partners; indiscriminately

scungies = See speedos; budgie smugglers (ns)

scungy = mean, dirty, miserable (ns)

servo = service station (ns)

shag = fuck (s)

shaggin wagon = a car in which it is easy to take a fuck; See panel van; See ute (s)

shat = shit (past tense) e.g. he shat in his pants (ns)

she'll be apples! = don't worry; everything will be OK; See she'll be right! (ns)

she'll be right! = don't worry; everything will be OK; See no worries; See no fuckin' worries; See she'll be apples! (ns)

shirtfront = grabbing hold of shirt-fronts in a violent muscle-up in a pub by idiotic blockheads; a form of physical abuse chest-to-chest in AFL by a player going straight at another player front-on designed to hurt the other player but unlikely to be admonished by a yellow or red card because the umpires turn a blind-eye to it (ns)

shit = faeces (ns)

shit = crap (ns)

(to) shit = (to) excrete faeces (ns)

oh shit! = I'm disappointed; See shit a brick! See fuck a duck! (ns)

(to) do shit = (to) do nothing (ns)

(to) do shit = (to) do nothing of any importance (ns)

(to) do jack shit = (to) do absolutely nothing (ns)

(to) beat the shit out of him = (to) injure him seriously (ns)

(to) be a shit = (to) act in an immoral, unfriendly, uncaring manner (ns)

(to) be a stupid shit = (to) stupidly act in an immoral, unfriendly, uncaring manner (ns)

dumb shit = slow thinker (m) (ns)

you shit me! = you frustrate me! (ns)

I have the shits = I'm upset (ns)

I had the shits = I was upset (ns)

I got the shits = I became upset (ns)

I am getting the shits = this is upsetting me (ns)

shithead = cunt (m) (ns)

shitkicker (m) = a man of little consequence (rarely used) (ns)

shitkicker (m) = a man who kicks arse (more modern) (ns)

shit for brains = idiot (ns)

hey, shit for brains! = hi, my friend! (ns)

shit it in = succeed, easily (ns)

shit it in and carry a pig = succeed, extremely easily (ns)

oh shit, sorry! = I'm very sorry (ns)

shit a brick! = oh no! oh shit! fuck a duck! (ns)

shit that hurt! = that hurt a lot! (ns)

other ways of making an "oh shit!"-style exclamation = Holy shit! Oh my god! Jesus! Jesus H. Christ! Holy Mary, mother-of-god, and little fishes! (ns)

this sort of shit = this stuff (ns)

(to) hear your shit = (to) hear your lies, inane rubbish, irrelevancies (ns)

(to) bore me shitless = (to) make me extremely bored (ns)

(to) bore the shit out of me = (to) make me extremely bored (ns)

shits = diarrhoea; the trots (ns)

shits me = gives me the shits (ns)

shits me to tears = bores me; bores me shitless (ns)

(he is built like a brick) shithouse = he is big and strong (ns)

shit rises to the top! = the boss is a fuckwit or an arsehole (or both)! (ns)

a shit of a day = a very bad day (ns)

a real shit of a day = a very, very bad day (ns)

I don't give a shit! = I couldn't care less! (ns)

shit happens! = just accept it! (ns)

shithead = unkind, uncaring, ruthless person (ns)

shithouse = toilet (ns); boghouse; dunny; thunderbox (ns)

shithouse! (m) or (f) = unwell! (ns)

(a bucket of) shit = a story based on lies and deception (ns)

(a load of) shit = many lies; a web of deception (ns)

(to) eat shit = (to) take undeserved criticism or punishment (ns) without comment (ns)

(to) eat, shit and die = an acknowledgement the temporary nature of human existence (ns)

shoot through = leave; shove off; fuck off (ns)

short and curlies = pubic hair

shout = buy a round of drinks (one for everyone) (ns)

shove it = forget it; stick it (ns)

shove it up your arse = forget it and fuck you (ns)

shove off = leave; fuck off (ns)

show you the ropes = instruction on work routines (ns)

shut up! = stop talking! (ns)

sickie = sick worker takes a day off work (ns)

sin bin = a secure place developed (e.g. at work) for a quickie; could be a car used as a shaggin wagon (ns)

siphon the python (m) = take a piss (ns)

skank (f) = slut (term of abuse)

skanky bitch (f) = slutty bitch (term of abuse)

skanky hoe (f) = slutty whore (term of abuse)

skint = broke (ns)

slab = a box containing 24 tinnies (ns)

slag (f) = woman who screws around; prostitute; slut; (Note: often she's not; it's often just a term of abuse cos she won't with me)

slap bang = in the centre; in the middle; exactly centred; See right on; See bang on (ns)

(to) sleep around = screwing (s) around

(to) slip up = to make a small mistake and pay dearly for it

(to do a) slipper = to make a small mistake, one that everyone does, such as facetious remark, use of naughty words, but at an inappropriate time, and so is required to pay dearly for it, in a way that no-one else is required to pay (often for the benefit/furtherance of others)

slit (f) = cunt (f)

slog = hard work (ns)

sloshed = drunk (ns)

slut (f) = woman who screws around; prostitute; slag; (Note: often she's not; it's often just a term of abuse cos the won't with me)

slutty (f) = acting with abandon or little concern for others' approval

smack in the face = punch in the face (closed fist) (ns)

smack in the head = punch in the face (closed fist) (ns)

smack in the teeth = punch in the face (closed fist) (ns)

smack on the bum = smack on the arse (open hand) (child) (ns)

smack on the cheek = smack on the cheek (open hand) (ns)

smart cunt (m) = always available for facetious remarks on any subject; see wisecrack

smoko = break (at work) (ns)

snag = sausage, See banger (ns)

snog = kissing session (ns)

snot = nasal congestion (ns)

snotty-nosed bitch = stuck up bitch (ns)

snot rag = handkerchief (ns)

sook = easily upset, cry-baby (ns)

sparrow's fart = (time) early, at dawn (ns)

speedos = swimming apparel (m); See togs; budgie smugglers (ns)

spew = vomit (ns)

spew-bag = a friend who is always angry and upset (ns)

spewing = angry and upset (ns)

spit the dummy = express anger (ns)

spitting chips = spitting whilst expressing anger (ns)

spot on = exactly correct; bang on; right on; See slap-bang (ns)

sprog = child, kid; See also tot, brat, little bugger (ns)

sprung = caught in the act; caught performing a naughty or criminal act (ns)

spunk = attractive person; sexy person; object of desire

spunky = attractive; sexy; desirable

spunkrat = attractive person; sexy person; object of desire

(take a) squiz = look (ns)

stack = crash; accident (vehicle) (ns)

stacks = lots (ns)

stalk (m) = penis

stick it = forget it (ns)

stick it up your arse = forget it and fuck you (ns)

(to) stick it up him/her (m) = (to) have sex by penetration, copulate, intercourse

(to) stick it up them = (to) tell it to them honestly (ns)

(to) stick it right up them = (to) tell it to them honestly regardless of the consequences (ns)

(to) string him along = (to) convince him of the truth of the web of lies being told (ns)

stoked = pleased (ns)

stone the crows = fuck me dead! (ns)

stuck up bitch = patronising, condescending bitch (ns)

strewth! = wow! (ns)

strides (m) = trousers, dacks (ns)

strine = Aussie lingo (ns)

stroppy = in a bad mood (ns)

stuffed = tired, buggered (ns)

sucked in = deceived (ns)

(to) suck up to him = (to) seek his favour or acceptance by acting as if he is of extreme importance (ns)

(to) suck him off (s) = fellatio; (to) suck until orgasm (ejaculation)

sunnies = sunglasses (ns)

suss = suspicious (ns)

suss it out = investigate it; understand its origin or meaning (ns)

swimmers = swimming costumes (ns) See cossies; cozzies

- T -

ta = thank you, my mate (ns)

talk shit = (you) talk a bucket of shit; see arsetalk (ns)

tea = dinner at night (old-fashioned, not often used) (ns)

(to) tear arse = (to) go at high speed (ns)

tear-arser = a fast pacer or driver; a relentless worker (ns)

technicolour yawn = technicolour yodel (ns)

technicolour yodel = vomit (ns); See chuck, chunder

telly = TV (ns)

thick ear = beating (ns)

thingamebob = thingo; whatchamacallit (anything else that is not a thingamejig) (ns)

thingamejig = thing (mechanical) (ns)

thingo = thing (anything else that is not a thingamejig) (ns)

thunder = fart (ns)

thunder box = toilet (ns); boghouse; dunny; shithouse (ns)

tight-arsed = ungiving; mean; uncooperative (ns)

tiff = argument (ns)

till the cows come home = for a long time; endless; for an indeterminate period (ns)

tinnies = beer (ns) (See piss)

tits (f) = breasts

a tits hard-on (f) = hard nipples (s)

(to) tit-fuck (m) = penis between your breasts

togs = swimmers

Tom Dick and Harry = everybody (ns)

tool (m) = penis

tosser (m) = wanker

tot = small child (not yet a kid or a sprog); See also kid, sprog, brat, little bugger (ns)

trackie dacks = apparel for running, sport, gym workout (ns)

trots = diarrhoea; the shits (ns)

true blue = ozzie nationalist (ns)

turkey-slap (m) = balls in your face

twat (f) = vagina

twerp = twit (ns)

twit = idiot, wanker (ns)

twitting = carrying on like a twit (ns)

tucker = food (ns)

turd = shit (ns)

a turn on (m) or (f) = interesting; attractive; beautiful (s)

a turn off (m) or (f) = uninteresting; unattractive; ugly (s)

turps = hard alcohol (ns)

- U -

underdacks = undies

uni = university (ns)

undies (f) = bra and knickers

undies (m) = underpants

up the duff (f) = pregnant

(jam it) up your arse! = abandon it and don't mention it again! (ns)

(stick it) up your arse! = abandon it and don't mention it again! (ns)

user = bludger; seeker of support or dependency without offer of return (ns)

user = a user of drugs; an addict (ns)

ute = utility truck (ns)

- V -

vedge out = rest, lie about, do nothing (ns)

vedgies = vegetables (ns)

verbal diarrhoea = clatterfart; arsetalk (ns)

- W -

waffle = talk about nonsense; See babble on; See yabber (ns)

(to) wag = (to) not go to school (truancy) (ns)

wag = happy, amusing, funny friend (ns)

wait a tick = please wait a moment; See hang on a tick (ns)

walkabout = missing (ns)

walkover = achievement (easily achieved) (ns)

(to) wallop = (to) hit (a child) (ns)

wally = absurd, foolish, untogether friend (ns)

(to) wank (m) = (to) masturbate

wanker (m) = masturbator

wanker (m) = weak idiot (ns)

((s)he is a) waste of space = I wish (s)he would fuck off! (ns)

water the horse = take a piss (ns)

WC = toilet (ns)

weenie (m) = small penis

well-hung (m) = big penis

weirdo (m) or (f) = strange person (ns)

wet dream = orgasm during sleep

WFH = work from home (ns); See coronacation

whatchamacallit = thingo; thingamebob (ns)

whacked! = ratshit! (especially from drugs) (ns)

(to) whine = (to) whinge in a childlike tone or a tone annoying to others (ns)

(to) whinge = (to) complain continually (ns)

whinger = habitual complainant (ns)

(to) whinge = (to) complain (ns)

stop whingeing! = cease complaining! (ns)

(to) whip around = (to) take up a collection for a workmate, often upon the death of his/her spouse/child, his/her retirement, birthday etc. (ns)

(to) white ant (somebody) = (to) secretly undermine somebody's formal position (ns)

whore (f) = woman who fucks for money; prostitute

whorehouse (f) = place of prostitution

wicked! = great! excellent! (ns)

willie (m) = little boy's penis

willy nilly = unplanned, uncoordinated (ns)

wimp (m) = weak; gutless man (ns)

wise crack = a quick response from a wisecrack

wisecrack (m) = smart cunt

(throw a) wobbly = express anger (ns)

wog = infectious disease (flu, cold) (ns)

wog = person from southern European/Middle East descent (usually a racist term) (ns)

woos = timid person; See wimp (ns)

woo-hoo! = yes!; hoo-ray!; Compare boo-hoo (ns)

woop-woop = back of beyond; (ns)

wrong-way-around = in the wrong sequential order; arse about face, back-to-front, out-of-order (ns)

(no) wucking furries = no fucking worries (ns)

wuss = See woos (ns)

- X -

- Y -

yabber = never shuts up; See babble on; See waffle (ns)

yabbie = freshwater crayfish (ns)

yack = converse, friendly chatter (ns)

yakka = work (ns)

yank my chain = tell me bullshit (ns)

yarn = tell a (fictional) story (ns)

yobbo = weak-minded, idiot (ns)

yonks = ages (long time) (ns)

you beaut! = wow! that's great! (ns)

you cunts! = as a group I hate you! (ns)

you ____? = you (singular); combine it with most of the above

youse = you (plural); a term of endearment for (a group of) friends

- Z -

zits (m) or (f) = pimples, acne (ns)

zonked! (m) or (f) = fucked! (ns)

(to) zoombomb = to carry out an unauthorised intrusion into a formal video conference event (ns)

To research the history of the use of these words see the following publications:
Edward E. Morris: Dictionary of Australian Words Names and Phrases 1896 (Viking O'Neil, 1988) 525pp.
Gary Simes: A Dictionary of Australian Underworld Slang (Oxford University Press, Melbourne, 1993) 225pp.
neither seems to be available on the Internet but both are readily available in many libraries, State libraries, and University libraries.