Twitterspeak dictionary

@tweetername = a direct (internal) tweet posted to another tweeter

"&YKNI" = and you know it twitteration

. = a dot; punctuation with special meaning in some uses with a tweet; See dot@

# = a hashtag; a hash; to create a group of tweets by topic, making it easier to search particular conversations using T-search

#auslaw = legal references; a hash

#ausmedia = MSM references; a hash

#auspol = political references; a hash

#ausunions = union affiliates; a hash

$$ = dollars; a twitteration

2 = to, too, two; a twitteration

4 = for, fore, four; a twitteration

8 = ate, eight; a twitteration

ACMA standards =

action (response) = response to a tweet, See twittaction

artwitulate = to discuss or promote or teach someone some proper twitterspeak; See #Artwiculate (which is purporting to do a bit of artwitulation, though the answer to the question what is 'frowsy' proves YBO here!)

ATM = at the moment; a twitteration

AUD = Oz dollar; a twitteration

auspol = aussie political hashtag

Bitly = an application in which you can shorten your links; See; See TinyURL; See; See

BFN = bye for now!; a twitteration

BRB = be right back!; a twitteration

BTW = by the way; a twitteration

Collapse = proper response to a tweet, twittaction, When in Expand, choose Collapse to return to normal view

co-twitterer = a partner that tweets on your Twitter account; it could be you or it could be him/her

d. = direct

DIY = do it yourself! a twitteration

Direct Message (DM) = send a message directly to another, without it being available to others; Click on Direct Messages then click on New Message then type in follower's name; Note: you can only send a DM to a follower

DM = Direct Message; Note: you can only send a DM to a follower

dot@ = Reply to a tweet is NOT treated as a tweet to all my followers but it can be turned into same by placing a dot before the @tweetername in the Reply

DT = d-tweet

d-tweet (DT) = tweet posted by a drunk tweeter (usually just an excuse for a MT)

ducwic = do you see what I see? a twitteration

DYK = did you know? a twitteration

Email a tweet = proper response to a tweet, twittaction, Choose More, Choose Email Tweet, email in HTML sent immediately; See More(Email)

Embed a tweet = proper response to a tweet, twittaction, Choose More, Choose Embed Tweet, then copy the generated code to your website; it also shows a Preview of the embedded tweet; See More(Embed)

Expand = proper response to a tweet, twittaction, Choose Expand, view Date/Time, no. of RETWEETS, (click on RETWEETS to view all retweeters), no. of FAVORITES (click on FAVORITES to view all favoriters), comments attached; See Collapse

F = a twitteration identifying a favorite in twitterspeak, such as when thanking the originator of the Fav

Facebook =

facebookation = the Facebook rendition of the same concept as appears in another place, as opposed to, for example, a twitteration, a linktination, etc.

Fav = a twitteration identifying a favorite in twitterspeak, such as when thanking the originator of the Fav

Favorite = a twittaction; a response; classify the tweet as a Fav notifying the originator and putting it away on my page to be visited again in the future

FB = Facebook; a twitteration

find = key in a person's name to locate them in the twittosphere (in order to follow them or include them in a List)

FOI = freedom of information

follow = choose a special link to a member found using find and included in following which results in all tweets posted by that member to be also posted to my Home page

follower = a member who registers their interest in me and included in followers and from then on Twitter posts all tweets posted by me also to the Home page of the follower

followers = list of my followers built by Twitter upon a member's registration of their interest in me

following = list of member(s) in whom I have registered my interest and from then on Twitter posts all tweets posted by them also to my Home page

FFS = for fuck's sake; a twitteration

FW = fuckwit; a twitteration

FWs = fuckwits; a twitteration

FWIW! = for what it's worth!; a twitteration

gr8 = grate, great; a twitteration

GOY! = good on you!; a twitteration

HAGO! = have a good one!; a twitteration

HAND! = have a nice day!; a twitteration

HT = heard through; identification of original tweet and/or twitterer; a twitteration = URL shortener; compress that address!; See; See TinyURL; See Bitly; See

ICAC = Independent Commission Against Corruption; I shit twitteration

JULIA! = just you leave it alone!; a twitteration

KIT! = keep in touch; a twitteration

KUTGW! = keep up the good work; a twitteration

LGBT = lesbian gay bi trans; a twitteration

LinkedIn =

linktination = the LinkedIn rendition of the same concept as appears in another place, as opposed to, for example, a twitteration, a facebookation, etc.

List = special list built to focus on a particular subject or grouping in the twittosphere

listed = the number who have included you in their lists; See twitterati

LMAO = laughed my arse off!; a twitteration

LOD = light of day; a twitteration

LOL = laugh out loud; PML; a twitteration

LOTO = Leader Of The Opposition; a twitteration

LT = last tweet; a twitteration

member = registered as a member of Twitter

mention = direct @tweetername from following > Actions; similar to Reply from Home

Message = send a message to another; Click on tweeter then click on Go to full profile then put cursor in Tweet to; Alternatively go to Home and type in recipient's tweetername; Note: if a follower follows both of you they will see this Message; See also DM)

MIRL = meet in real life tweet; a twitteration

MLT = my last tweet; a twitteration

More = proper response to a tweet, twittaction, See More(Email), and More(Embed)

More(Embed) = proper response to a tweet, twittaction, Choose More, Choose Embed Tweet, then copy the generated code to your website

More(Email) = proper response to a tweet, twittaction, Choose More, Choose Email Tweet, email in HTML sent immediately

MSM = mainstream media; a twitteration

MT = modifiedTweet

modifiedTweet = tweet that purports to be a RT but has been modified without knowledge & consent; Note: MT is now being used to identify a MT, a poor alternative to an RT in "" followed by comment.

OMFG = oh my fucking god!; a twitteration

OMG = oh my god!; a twitteration = shorten URLs, share files & track visits; See Bitly; See TinyURL; See; See

Oz = Australia; Australian; a twitteration

peep = a special follower who is known to look when I tweet; a real follower

PHO = piss him/her off!; a twitteration

PML = pissed myself laughing; a twitteration

PMO = pissed me off; a twitteration

promoted tweet = Twitter sells the 140 characters published in a tweet as a form of advertising; See Tweepi; See TweetDeck; See tweetings

PT = p-Tweet; politweet

PT = past tweet; a twitteration

p-Tweet = a politweet; a tweet by a poli-tweeter

politweet = a political tweet

poli-tweeter = a political tweeter; a politician or a political aid or a political groupie

post (v.) = a tweeter publishes (posts) a tweet on Twitter

pre$$ = money & power in the press; a twitteration

QT = question time (in the parliament); a twitteration

qwitter = a twitterer who abandons Twitter altogether; See qwitterer

qwitterer = a twitterer who abandons a twittwit session before it loses its twittwit; See qwitter

Reply = proper response to a tweet, a twittaction, Click on Reply, all tweeters are brought over to receive the reply. Usually we reply to the key tweeter with a copy to the others, meaning the key tweeter is at the front, followed by text of the message, followed by other(s)

reportweet = a tweet posted by radio, TV, daily, etc. or by a reportwitterer

reportwitterer = tweeter in CBR working for radio, TV, dailies, with nothing else to do

response (action) = response to a tweet, Reply, Retweet, Favorite, More, More(Email), More(Embed), Expand, Collapse, Retweets, Favorites, See twittaction

re-tweet (RT) = a twittaction; a response; a tweet posted by one tweeter is tweeted again by another tweeter in order to call it to the attention of the second tweeter's followers;

RT = re-tweet; goes to all my (please disseminate)

RTing = re-tweet-ing; may have a different meaning for some Aus retweeters See Australian slang & swear-words;

RWNJ = right-wing nut job

Rules = great place to start!

SBT = still-born twitterer; a twitterer gets under way and then does nothing

ST = s-Tweet; snapTweet

s-Tweet = snapTweet

snapTweet = a tweet that includes a photo

SRTTT = shit rises to the top; a twitteration

SNAFU = situation normal; all fucked up

Support = See Twitter Support

T@ = direct link (from external) to a particular twitterer

TAL = thanks a lot! a twitteration

t-Credit = @name included in a RT to acknowledge original tweeter

t-Link = URL in a tweet

TL;DR = too long; didn't read; a twitteration

TinyURL = an application in which you can enter in a (huge) URL to create a (tiny) URL that will not break in email postings and never expire; See Bitly; See; See; See

TROW = the rest of (the) world twitteration = an application in which you shorten URLs ; See Bitly; See; See; See TinyURL

TTYL = talk to you later; a twitteration

twanker = a weak twitterer whose only interest is to be there; creates so many tweets that are uninteresting, boring, time-wasting, or useless that they can only be considered a severe case of twitterrhea

tweebay = to sell something on Twitter

tweep = using a tweet to reveal your woes

Tweepi = tool helping you to make sense of your Twitter account

tweet (n.) = the 140 characters published in Twitter when a tweeter tweets

tweet (v.) = post a tweet

tweet-back = promise to come back with the information

tweet-in = when a group of twitterers agree to get together at a set time to twitter; See tweet-out

tweet-me = a request; See tweet-U

tweet-out = when a twitterer twitters while out and about, at events, functions, and happenings using their iPhone, etc. See tweet-in

tweet-U = a promise; See tweet-me

tweetastic = excellent

Tweet Button = a button to add to your website to let people share content on Twitter without having to leave the page

TweetDeck = tool designed to make twittering easier

tweeter = a post-er of a tweet; See twitterer

tweetername = an identifier of a tweeter (usually some form of a name) with an ampersand (@) in front of it, used by Twitter to identify the recipient of the Message; See @tweetername

tweeting = posting (session)

Tweetings = tool designed for twitter clients for iPhone, iPad, Chrome, etc.

tweetheart = lover

tweetup = users of twitter meet up

tweeturn = return to a previous conversation; See tweet-back

tweeturn = return to a previous conversation; See tweet-back

twerp = twit

twibe = informal inner circle of Twitterers, followers, not necessarily represented by a particular List

Twilk = put your Twitter followers on your background

twit = See Australian slang & swear-words; usually twits don't twitter

twitpic = application for upload and publication of images for use in tweets

twitsard = list of tweets related to a session of parliament (a hansard of related tweets by one or a number of twitterers) See @crabb Twitsard; See @QandA_Twitsard; See @Twitsard

twittaction = proper response to a tweet, Reply, Retweet, Favorite, More, More(Email), More(Embed), Expand, Collapse, Retweets, Favorites; See action; See response

twittaholism = the tweeter is so addicted to the use of Twitter that their quality of life suffers

twittaholic = a tweeter addicted to continuous use (abuse) of Twitter

twittastrophe = a twittaholic suffers a breakdown in a relationship or loss of job because of their twittaholism

Twitter = home

twitter (v.) = to tweet

twitter (d.) = ABC News 24

twitter (d.) = ABC WorldToday AM/PM

twitter (d.) = Media Watch

twitter (d.) = National Press Club (Canberra)

twitter (d.) = QandA (ABC)

twitter (d.) = RN Breakfast (ABC)

twitter (d.) = Sunrise on 7

twitter (d.) = The Drum

twitteracy = high proficiency in the use of twitterspeak

twitterati = the twitterers everyone follows; a huge number in followers or a huge number in listed (or both)

twitteration = an explanation, an explication, or a word or spelling, special because it is or is contained in a tweet; the Twitter rendition of the same concept as appears in another place, as opposed to, for example, a linktination, a facebookation, etc.

twitterbreak = no tweets because I will/have been (purposely) absent, having a rest, doing other things, (but I am/will be back!)

twitterectomy = remove tweeter's names from my Following or from my List(s)

twitterer = a tweeter (of a lot)

twitterfeed = tool helping you feed your blog to Twitter, Facebook and more

twittermob = a mob of tweeters providing a huge number of tweets coming all at once from a wide range of sources, following a creative, interesting, provocative, or offensive tweet

twitterpated = so many tweets arrive that my site becomes unusable, I am so blocked up that nothing comes out; time to carry out a serious twitterectomy

twitterrhea = so many tweets generated by a single twitterer that it becomes uninteresting, boring, time-wasting, and useless; time to unfollow

twitterspeak = the words, phrases, twitterations, etc., useful for proper intercourse on Twitter

Twitter Support (DM) = Click on Message, --> @Support --> message

twitterverse = all tweets anywhere at a given moment in time; can lead to a temporary crash but usually just a refresh will fix the problem

twitting = See Australian slang & swear-words

twittosphere = community of twitterers; all tweeters available to be included when building a List

twittwit = fast tweets that are interesting or funny or hilarious

UMMD = you make my day!, a twitteration

unfollow = following --> Actions --> Unfollow

URTB = you are the best!, a twitteration

UTM = you tell me!, a twitteration

YT = your tweet; a twitteration

YLT = your last tweet; a twitteration

web = Twitter

wikimania = political reactionary actions to current significant levels of wikileaks calling for or actioning the closing down of the internet site, action against the entrepreneur (including legal action, commercial/financial actions and cancellation of services, criminal prosecution, detainment, cancellation of Australian passport, even proposed murder) by important political leaders across the world; Twitterers involved in reaction to wikimania (See #wikileaks); Twitter accused of taking part in reactionary action against Wikileaks

wiki wiki mode = conversational mode of address or modus operandi (of a politician) has changed following revelations regarding him/her in wikileaks

WTF = what the fuck! a twitteration

YBO = you're better off, a twitteration


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