Rules for downloading a Download

Terms & conditions of a download

What is the act of download?

The act of ‘download’ is to purchase to a credit card a product from the docDownload website. On the docDownload website, each product is generally referred to as a ‘Download’.

What is a ‘Download’

The product called a ‘Download’ is a document that can be downloaded immediately upon the clearance of the Customer’s payment to a credit card. This document is usually a ‘template’ but it could be a document containing additional information required to properly edit or complete a ‘template’.

Free downloads

Not all downloads require payment. Many Downloads are free. However when you download a Download all Terms & Conditions are maintained, apart from the need for payment, as if the payment had been required to achieve the download, and you had made the payment to your credit card and the payment had been received in full satisfaction of your part of the transaction of Sale. This means that the receipt of a free Download requires you to respect all other of these Terms & Conditions.

What is a ‘template’?

A ‘template’ is an editable document that retains much of the experience and the effort of the original document from which it was derived; retained because we know that the experience used to create the original document will need to be repeated in the future, but in revised circumstances. The docDownload template may appear to be quite specific but it is designed to address a broad range of uses. It may contain information that is not the same as yours and will need to be changed. This information may be offered as an example, which explains more fully the role of the document and brings to life the more generic aspects of the document that will not need to be altered.

Technical studies have shown that a well-designed template can save up to 40% of the time needed to prepare a document because it allows the writer to concentrate on the subject matter and not on the communication of ideas.

What you are agreeing to

When you download any Download you are agreeing to terms and conditions of download as best described in the following warning:


The document you are about to download has been prepared by docDownload to help you prepare a document which is similar to, but not the same as, the docDownload document. The docDownload document is only a template. This means that the document has been prepared with historical details derived from another set of experiences than the document you are about to prepare. These experiences have been used simply as an example of what your new document could look like. Wherever the law or international standards might apply to the document, an attempt has been made to make the document lawful, compliant and complete. However it is impossible for docDownload to guarantee this lawfulness, compliance and completeness. docDownload does not warrant the document you are about to download as fit for any purpose, nor does it warrant that the document will achieve any particular objective, nor does it warrant the truth, fairness or efficacy of any statements contained within the document.

Please read the above Warning and complete the following statement: 
I have read the above warning and I agree to accept full responsibility for any document derived from the template document that I am about to download:


If you click the button labeled [“I AGREE - START DOWNLOAD”] you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions of download.


Members pay an annual service fee giving them free access to most documents on the website. Members get access to Green and Blue icon documents and can access them at will. Only a few Red icon documents made available by third party providers will be charged to Members. Members get a discount on Red downloads.

Satisfaction of our members is virtually guaranteed because docDownload has a commitment to working with our members to publish any document that they need. While no legal guarantees can be offered we are generally happy to work on, and publish for our members, any document requested by a member. Simply fill in the form in detail or call us to discuss your needs.

Casual purchaser

Sometimes casual purchasers can be dissatisfied because they misunderstand the nature of the document that they are about to download. Of course there is no way we can allow a full preview of the document before download by credit card, but each document has a preview page usually giving a lot of information about content. This usually has more than enough information to satisfy your needs before purchase and download.

Replacement document

The way we prefer to deal with any dissatisfactions is to discuss with you what your expectations were, and attempt to satisfy those expectations. If you give us clear instructions about who the audience is for your document and what you wanted the document to achieve, we will write a replacement document and send it to you. We retain the right to also publish this document as a docDownload template.


Another alternative is to offer you a discount on other docDownload documents you may require. This will usually mean a request from you for us to supply to you other docDownload product(s) to the value of your original purchase. To arrange this simply email a request to us. This is a one-time offer and any discussion regarding dissatisfaction on the free documents sent to you will not be considered.


Under special circumstances we may agree to a refund. For a refund to happen, though, detailed discussions will need to take place about what your expectations were and why the docDownload document failed to meet those expectations.

Downloads & changing a Download

downloading a Download

When docDownload has received funds into its account from your Credit Card, the Download will be made immediately available for you to download to your desktop. This means that it will be sent immediately to your download file on your computer. A copy of the document will also sent to your verified email address. If for some reason you do not receive the Download into your download file on your Desktop, check your email Inbox for the email with a copy attached. If you don't find it, check your SPAM filter. If none of these have happened, the download was probably not successful and no charge was made. If the payment was received and your system failed at that exact moment, try the download again. You have 24 hours to download it and you can download it multiple times to the one desktop within that 24 hours. An invoice will be raised at each download but if you receive multiple invoices you will only be charged once if all Invoices have the same invoice number.

In any case you cannot be charged more than once for one particular Document reference number. It never happens but if you were to be charged twice for the same document reference number, upon evidence, a refund would be raised to your credit card.

Changing the document

docDownload documents are Word documents designed to be changed by the user or pdfs. Please put the document away in a safe place before you attempt to make any changes.

In the unusual case where a document comes in the Word Forms mode and you wish to open it up for changes try these change routines:
Microsoft Word 2003 => Tools, Unprotect
Microsoft Word 2007 => Review, Protect Document, Allow
Microsoft Word 2010 => Review, Protect Document, Restrict Fromatting & Editing, Stop Protection

Simple examples

Free documents are usually not as complex as documents you are required to pay for. We are providing simple examples that we believe should be in the public domain

Refunds and membership

You may like to try to download some more complex documents before you become a docDownload member. For any documents you pay for, you may receive a refund of download fees in the month if you choose to become a docDownload member within one month of your first purchase. We do this to give our prospective members a chance to check out our quality without cost, before signing up. Membership costs $1 per day for an individual and from $10 per week for a business. For questions about membership see:

Members are given access to almost all of the documents available on the website which already includes hundreds of fully researched documents and is increasing all the time. We also try to provide our members with all documents they need, so long as they have use to other members.

Customer Service

Questions or comments regarding the Website may be submitted to docDownload Customer Service at

If at any time you believe these Terms & Conditions have not been followed, or have any comments on these Terms & Conditions, please contact us immediately. Your enquiry will be treated with the utmost importance:

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