Membership Agreement



By using the docDownload service available on the docDownload website (hereinafter called docDownload), you agree to be bound by all of the terms and conditions of this Agreement and any rules that might be posted from time to time on docDownload, in order to become or to remain a Member of docDownload.

docDownload reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, add or delete portions of this Membership Agreement at any time. Notification of changes in service will be posted on docDownload, or sent via e-mail. By continuing to use docDownload after the posting of such Notices, you agree to be bound by such changes.


Copyright for all material available on the docDownload website is declared under Copyright Act, 1968. Copyright subsists in the various forms of work and subject matter commonly called templates offered both for free and for sale on and accessible from the docDownload website.

docDownload exists to offer and sell to its Members and casual buyers on the website (hereinafter called the Customer) the copyright to its templates. However, it is understood between docDownload and the Customer that this copyright is limited. In general terms docDownload is transferring to the Customer the right to make as many documents from the template as (s)he requires, but not the right to on sell or trade in or distribute to others either freely or for profit the template or any document prepared from the template intended to be used as a template.

docDownload grants to its member a limited licence to download and display its copyright material for both private and commercial purposes, only after the template has been changed from a generic template to a particular living document. At that moment, the ownership of the copyright transfers to the customer. While the material downloaded from the docDownload site remains in template form the limited licence remains. The customer may use the template, which shall always contain the limited licence described in this declaration, to reproduce unlimited new documents where the copyright transfers to the customer.

No part of the material downloaded either in whole or in part may be on sold or traded or distributed to others either freely or for profit to be used as a template.

For reproduction or use of the docDownload copyright material beyond this limited licence, permission must be sought and no permission to reproduce or use the docDownload copyright material, other than that expressly stated above, is to be implied by the availability of that material on this site.


The document made available to the customer for download has been prepared by docDownload to help the customer prepare a document which is similar to, but not the same as, the docDownload document. The docDownload document is only a template. This means that it is understood and agreed that the document has been prepared with historical details derived from another set of experiences than the document the customer is about to prepare. These experiences have been used simply as an example of what the customer's new document could look like. Wherever the law or international standards might apply to the document, an attempt has been made to make the document lawful, compliant and complete. However it is impossible for docDownload to guarantee this lawfulness, compliance and completeness. docDownload does not warrant the document the customer downloads as fit for any purpose, nor does it warrant that the document will achieve any particular objective, nor does it warrant the truth, fairness or efficacy of any statements contained within the document.

If the customer downloads a document (s)he is agreeing to accept full responsibility for the document, its lawfulness, compliance and completeness, and to absolve and release docDownload from any responsibility or liability for the document and for any use that you may make of it.


When you become a Member of docDownload you gain access to all in-house templates (those with a BLUE or a GREEN icon) and any associated information and material being offered on docDownload for one year following acceptance of your Membership application. docDownload may however change, suspend, or discontinue at any time any template or any associated information or material that might have been available on docDownload.

docDownload may from time to time offer third party products to be downloaded from the docDownload website. These will be identified by a RED icon. A member does not have free access to a third party product. The reason for this is that the third party requires payment for each download and will not allow free access to docDownload members. An active member does however receive an automatic discount of 10% off the listed price of any third party product offered for sale on the docDownload website. No other website user will receive a discount off a third party product.