Customer Satisfaction


Satisfaction of our members is virtually guaranteed because docDownload has a commitment to working with our members to publish any document that they need. While no legal guarantees can be offered we are generally happy to work on, and publish for our members, any document requested by a member. Simply fill in the form in detail or call us to discuss your needs.

Casual purchaser

Sometimes casual purchasers can be dissatisfied because they misunderstand the nature of the document that they are about to download. Of course there is no way we can allow a preview of the document before download by credit card, so it is important that we have a clear policy if a casual purchaser is dissatisfied with the document they receive.

Replacement document

The way we prefer to deal with your dissatisfactions is to discuss with you what your expectations were, and attempt to satisfy those expectations. If you give us clear instructions about who the audience is for your document and what you wanted the document to achieve, we will write a replacement document and send it to you. We retain the right to also publish this document as a docDownload template.


Another alternative is to offer you a discount on other docDownload documents you may require. This will usually mean a request from you for us to supply to you other docDownload product(s) to the value of your original purchase. To arrange this simply email a request to us. This is a one-time offer and any discussion regarding dissatisfaction on the free documents sent to you will not be considered.


Under special circumstances we may agree to a refund. For a refund to happen, though, detailed discussions will need to take place about what your expectations were and why the docDownload document failed to meet those expectations.

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