Q: I'm thinking of starting an organisation; can I keep all the money to myself?

A: If you are starting a not-for-profit NFP organization, you have to be very careful it's not a scam or a fraud, cos you could find yourself in lots of trouble. Just sayin'. In Australia there are non-incorporated organizations, incorporated organizations, and companies limited by guarantee. Each of these has a history of organizing that tells you a lot about what you should be doing, so do some background reading.

A non-incorporated organization is more local and is usually a club or a society of lots of members, looking after the interests of its members. It has a constitution and individuals supporting the setup of the club or society will be held personally accountable, if things go wrong.

An incorporated association also has a constitution and this constitution and details of people involved etc. is registered with the state government and these people have to jump through a lot of hoops before will agree to it being registered.

A company limited by guarantee is a national organisation that is registered with the federal government as an association or a charity.

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