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Anti-SPAM service providers

SPAM is becoming a serious issue for small business.

DocDownload has been having trouble with serious hits from SPAM IP addresses from across the world, mainly (it appears) from Russia, but of course not too easy to conclude. If you try to get a handle on it, it will probably increase dramatically, which could suggest one of the reasons for SPAM is anti-SPAM service providers, though again, not that easy to conclude. So, lots of time wasted, and making the problem worse, not better.

I'm not so sure SmallBizAU is into reduction of penalty rates

There is a general assumption that small businesses around Australia would love to see a reduction in penalty rates. The assumption behind this assumption is that, if you reduce the penalty rates, the savings are added to the bottom line. But this assumption needs to be tested. My guess is that if you did a proper analysis you might find that success in small business is a much more complicated story than this suggests.

An Ozzie Consultancy Agreement - interesting document

An Australian consultant asked us to prepare a template for a contract for her to take on a consultancy brief, & we just put it up. As 'consultants' provide an intellectual service, usually in the form of advice and reporting, it is slightly different to other independent technical project participants. It concentrates on professionalism, technical advice, and who 'owns' parts of the final delivery. It prepares for the possibility of giving poor advice, "covering your butt" if you get it wrong. The appendices describe deliverables and a 'statement of requirements'.

Q: I'm thinking of starting an organisation; can I keep all the money to myself?

A: If you are starting a not-for-profit NFP organization, you have to be very careful it's not a scam or a fraud, cos you could find yourself in lots of trouble. Just sayin'. In Australia there are non-incorporated organizations, incorporated organizations, and companies limited by guarantee. Each of these has a history of organizing that tells you a lot about what you should be doing, so do some background reading.


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