Can I offer you an article to appear in the docDownload section?

To appear in the docDownload section, a short article is possible & will be read, but it needs to come with a useful template for the reader to download. This download can be free-of-charge or it can be chargeable. A majority of docDownload documents are free of charge. The narrative can end with a link back to your website. If this works out for you, and for our users, this will result in a more defined relationship between you & my website & a revolving advertisement, offered arbitrarily across the website, promoting your product, with a direct link to your website. All ads are free of charge.

To be relevant, the template must be of use to the Australian individual, micro-business, SME or NGO user reader base. This includes standards, legals, or personal documentation. Standards & legals can also be international in character.
To appear in the blog section, the article can be any size, can be about anything of key importance to the Australian users & their documentation, and can be of international focus; such issues as DRP, travel and vaccination during a pandemic come to mind. They must be readable over time. If you haven't had one accepted in the docDownloads section first, the blog will not be acceptable to the administrator (me).