Contributed Document Terms & Conditions


By submitting my document using Contribute a document I agree to the following terms & conditions: 

1. Ownership

From the moment of submission, ownership passes from the person making the submission to docDownload. Person includes for this purpose any organization/entity included in docDownload's Australian SME Model shown in the Appendix below. Ownership means for this purpose Intellectual Property rights.

2. Intellectual property

In order to transfer intellectual property to another person you must first own it. If you are unclear where the ideas came from and you think it may include intellectual property owned by another, please indicate this in  Contribute a document under "Other Comments".

This comment may make the whole contribution unviable but it may not, and this can only be determined by research conducted by docDownload. Because ownership has passed to docDownload we are the ones taking on the responsibility for ownership of intellectual property and its impact on the rights of others. DocDownload therefore retains the right to determine publication based on this determination or on any other matter. Openness, truthfulness, and honesty by you in this comment are key and we thank you for your cooperation.

Unless told otherwise docDownload will assume the ideas are yours and you have the rights to transfer ownership to docDownload.

3. Copyright

If the ideas come from a document over which you (or anyone else) have copyright you must indicate this clearly in Contribute a document under "Other Comments". These comments should include the title of the document over which you have copyright and its date of publication and any other information useful in identifying and determining the original document. These comments should include the name of any other person included in this copyright. If required, you agree to provide a copy of the document under copyright for evaluation. Unless told otherwise in "Other Comments", docDownload will assume that any other person included is aware of and is happy with your submission. If this is not the case, please indicate.

DocDownload are generally happy to acknowledge free of charge the existence of the original document, your copyright, and provide links to the document and encourage users to read and/or purchase the original document. This can only add to the value to the user of the document they are being asked to download on docDownload. Assignment of ownership by submitting the document for download does not negate the copyright retained by you in the original document nor are you assigning copyright of any other information contained in the original document nor can you sue docDownload for using the document submitted based on this or any other copyright whether or not mentioned by you.

4. Finalization

DocDownload are professional technical writers and are generally happy to provide the final steps in publishing a professional document aware of current best practice and international standards. If you have any preferences or hints please indicate these in Contribute a document under "Other Comments".

5. Acknowledgement

DocDownload are happy to acknowledge your submission and would prefer this acknowledgement to be available to the user, prior to download. The best way to acknowledge your submission is with the words "Document provided by" and a copy of an ad to your website and a live link to your website. This means that downloading the document can be a good way of the customer getting to know you, and your website, and the other goods and services you provide. This is a key reason for docDownload asking you to contribute your document. We see you as a /friend-of-docdownload and understand common interests between us in our dealing with the customer. An ad on docDownload will be set up for you under the arrangements described in /friends-of-docdownload. If you do not have a website or it is inappropriate to link to your website, a note acknowledging your submission will be agreed with you at the time of publication. Please use a separate Contribute a document to upload your ad & to tell us your website address.

6. Price

Downloading by the customer of the document can be for free or at an appropriate price. DocDownload will determine what it considers to be appropriate but your suggestion is important to us and will be taken into consideration at the time of setting the price. Any price referred to in your suggestion will be assumed to be basic price and GST will be added to the price when offering it to the customer. DocDownload has lots of documents for free and will be generally happy for the document to be free. However, the decision is docDownload's and will be taken in the context of all the other prices on the website. If you want it to be free, please indicate.

7. Setting up a revenue stream from the downloading of your document(s)

DocDownload offers downloads at three price types, which are described on any product page under the heading "Template Key". Green is for free. Blue is for a price but free to members. Red is for a price with a 10% discount to members. If you do not indicate, docDownload will assume you are happy for the document to be downloaded by customers under Green or Blue product types, which means you can never earn anything from the download. /friends-of-docdownload are often happy for this to happen because it removes any hassle in payment of revenues generated from the download and their main purpose is to generate a stream of interested parties to their own website. However, under special circumstances docDownload will agree to offer your document as a Red product type and to give you 40% of the revenue generated from the download, which is calculated after removing discount allowed, and removing GST paid to the ATO on this transaction. Once agreed, revenue will be paid on the next 15th of the month following the passage of one month from the date of settlement. You agree to have revenues adjusted for any adjustment made to a transaction by collection from the customer by WorldPay. Any adjustment made will be in keeping with the percentage earned by you in the original transaction. By agreeing to this percentage interest of yours in revenues docDownload does not abandon its right to modify the price or change the document or remove the document; rights you agreed to by assigning ownership at the moment of submission.

If you wish to earn revenues in excess of 40% net it may still be possible but it will be seen by docDownload as a special campaign of a joint venture type and will need to be properly planned and costed and agreed to, prior to normal publication. 

8. Invoicing & payment of generated revenues

Payment can only be made by interbank transfer. Payment will happen, when appropriate, on 15th of the month. DocDownload will raise on your behalf and send to you via email an appropriate invoice that describes properly under ATO requirements the payment being made. By agreeing on revenue earning arrangements you are agreeing to docDownload's right to raise this Invoice on your behalf. 

Appendix: DocDownload's Australian SME Model

Docdownload's Australian SME Model is established to provide formal classification to the 'business types' that can operate in the Australian business environment.

These business types include:

These names have been provided by the model to indicate a trading entity as understood generally in the Australian business environment. It is not the role of the model to define these entities. They are defined by the bodies assigned legal responsibility for regulating them and can best be understood by research into these bodies. Many today have website access providing the public with clear definition. These bodies include the ATO, ASIC, APRA, other federal and state agencies, etc. Key advisors to business who understand these entities are lawyers and accountants and proper understanding of their place in the life of an Australian business operator can probably best be obtained from them.