An Australian consultant asked us to prepare a template for a contract for her to take on a consultancy brief, & we just put it up. As 'consultants' provide an intellectual service, usually in the form of advice and reporting, it is slightly different to other independent technical project participants. It concentrates on professionalism, technical advice, and who 'owns' parts of the final delivery. It prepares for the possibility of giving poor advice, "covering your butt" if you get it wrong. The appendices describe deliverables and a 'statement of requirements'.

A: If you are starting a not-for-profit NFP organization, you have to be very careful it's not a scam or a fraud, cos you could find yourself in lots of trouble. Just sayin'. In Australia there are non-incorporated organizations, incorporated organizations, and companies limited by guarantee. Each of these has a history of organizing that tells you a lot about what you should be doing, so do some background reading.

A: Many businesses just need an ABN to get started. Some businesses need a licence, others don't. Best to check with your state business regulator, if you're not sure. To find out if you need to go down that track, best to have a chat with someone already running a business like this nearby.