Consultancy Agreement

This Service Contract (called Consultancy Agreement) is for a consultant to work on a project to be completed by a given time (the 'term') and to be paid for on the delivery of [the results of (primarily) intellectual pursuits] within that term. The agreement concentrates on professionalism, technical abilities and the intellectual property (IP) of the final delivery. The contract requires an initial payment to get the job under way and [results of pursuit] (such as report, design, plan, exposure, etc.) are delivered at particular milestones. It prepares for the possibility of giving poor advice, "covering your butt" if you get it wrong. The appendices describe deliverables and a 'statement of requirements' (SOR). This SOR is actually key, because without it the Principal is calling all the shots, but if it is properly developed and signed off, both can be confident in the outcome. Few Principals would include it, left to their own devices, but it actually works for them too. The agreement assumes the IP shall remain with the Customer, except for those already owned by the Consultant, necessary for (and probably the reason for) engagement, described in detail in the Appendices. There is specific reference only to federal law and therefore can be used in any State. This includes reference to

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Consultancy agreement, focus on professionalism, delivery, ownership, intellectual property, etc. (F-09006)

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