Compliance Statement - Privacy Act

This Compliance Statement is a worksheet for APP (Australian Privacy Principles) required from March 2015 under the

for those preparing the practices, procedures and systems and preparing their [APP Policy document] for a Company required to do so under the Act.

To use this worksheet check that the Company is an 'organisation' and is not considered as a 'small business' (see BLUE front & back). This is mainly to do with Annual turnover but may involve other matters. Remove (where appropriate) 'agency' requirements (PINK), 'NFP' requirements (GREEN), and 'body corporate' requirements (YELLOW). Check the resultant worksheet against the docDownload

to get an idea on how to complete the compliance.

Once you have defined 'compliance' for your company, you are in a good position to incorporate requirements into company practices, procedures and systems, and to prepare your APP Policy document.

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Compliance statement (worksheet) for Privacy compliance up to 24 March 2015

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