Annual financial report - Incorporated association State PRO

A well thought-out annual report for an incorporated association registered under

(See Chart of accounts and the final accounts worksheet from which it is derived!) This NGO (or not for profit organisation) is a State-based professional body. It operates to combine its members into a self-regulating profession and is the peak professional body for such members in the State. It has a public officer, a management committee with 7 sub-committees. These sub-committees concentrate on the key areas of concern for a professional body operating State-wide. It is chiefly concerned with quality of practice, ethics and standards and therefore with the knowledge, awareness and performance of its members. It honours mission, ethics, transparency and disclosure. The Rules of Association call for an audit of its accounts. It gives detail of directors and committees. Committee of incorporated association report. Audit Report. Management Committee declaration of truth and fairness. Financial reports. 39 analytic elements. 9 notes to and forming part of the annual report.

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Annual report for an incorporated association registered under the Associations Incorporation Act (NSW) 1984.

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