Annual financial report - Coy Limited by Guarantee CHARITY

A well thought out annual report for a company limited by guarantee registered under

(See Chart of accounts and the final accounts worksheet from which it is derived!) This NGO (or not for profit organisation) charity relies on donations and government grants and performs project work both domestically and internationally. It uses volunteer labour as well as employees. It has a 6 committee board of directors. It has professional management that need to be protected from being poached by the private sector. It has a formal remuneration package and additional SLAs for executives/directors. It honours mission, ethics, transparency and disclosure. It gives detail of directors and committees. Segmentation is mostly on the basis of where the money is spent (who are the recipients of aid) and analyses disbursements at a number of levels. Directors' report. Financial reports. 58 analytic elements. 16 notes to and forming part of the annual report.

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Annual report for a company limited by guarantee.

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