Full Membership

DocDownload has a simple attitude to Membership.

  • Membership is an annual subscription, payable by creditcard, one year in advance.
  • Fees are determined by [MembershipType] = [Individual] OR [Business] OR [Corporate].
  • 'Full membership' means = you 'have access' every document on the site.
  • 'Access' means = There are no documents that a particular [MembershipType] 'can't see' or is 'banned from' downloading. And, further, the only documents that a particular [MembershipType] can't download 'Free Of Charge' are the 'Red' document type that requires docDownload to pay to a third party document provider (required to be a [Member]).

Note: 'can't see' and 'banned from downloading' is a concept used by some Internet sites, such as 'age restrictions', 'adult' porn, & the like. Because of the content on the docDownload site, this has never been an issue.