Xero Chart of Accounts - Partnership Agriculture Farrow Piggery

Industry specific. Chart of accounts (COA). Designed for a partnership, like husband & wife, operating in Australia, involved in farming agriculture Piggery, working with 3 other piggeries to deliver on a Farrow production basis, which means one delivery per month, using a simple accounting system on Xero. They use normal Stock categories, piglet, runt, sow, barrow, hog, boar. They breed their own piglets. They sell off the cull monthly but to an annual account. They recieve Drought assistance, Farm Finance assistance, and Emissions Reductions Fund assistance. They are engaged in National Livestock Identification System (NLIS), Livestock Production Assurance program (LPA) and LPA National Vendor Declaration (LPA NVD). Download it in Excel, carry out your modifications, save as csv & upload it into Xero.

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Chart of Accounts for a farming partnership, like husband & wife, engaged in a piggery, with multiple feedlots, supplying with 3 other piggeries on a farrow rotational basis, using Xero, Download the XL spreadsheet, translate it to csv, & upload it into Xero.

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