WILL - Testamentary trust - wife, 2 children, 2 grandchildren

A typical Australian last will and testament for a man with a wife and two children. One of his children has two children (his grandchildren). The testator leaves everything to his wife and two children, in equal share. He only establishes a testamentary trust for the grandchildren who are very young if the child who is their father/mother predeceases him or fails to survive him for at least thirty days. If his child predeceases him, the testator sets up a trust after his death to provide for his grandchildren who shall benefit upon becoming adult (based on the age of majority of the youngest beneficiary), thereby excluding the issues of marriage and divorce from the determination of beneficiaries. (P-32141)

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Last will & testament for a man with wife & 2 kids & 2 grandkids. Everything to his wife & 2 kids in equal share & only establishes a trust if one of his kids predeceases him. (P-32141)

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