WILL- SSM-F Married woman, wife, any number of children, exclude step-child(ren)

This simple Australian last will and testament is designed for a woman in a same sex marriage (SSM) with any number of children, one or more from the current marriage, and one or more from a previous marriage. She leaves everything to her current wife, else her (own) children in equal share, else another person. She gives specific instruction to treat all children the same. She makes reference to step child(ren) but gives clear instruction that they are not to benefit as residual beneficiaries of her estate. She excludes biological or legal 'father(s)'. It includes (simple) definitions of 'same sex marriage', 'stepchild', 'my child'. It can be easily completed as a form on the screen and then printed and signed by the testatrix and two witnesses.

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Last will & testament for a woman in a same sex marriage (SSM) - any number of children - one or more from this marriage, one or more from a previous marriage - everything to my wife, else my (own) children in equal share, exclude step child(ren).

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