WILL- Gay man - basic - partner, else 2 children, else friend

Many gays have children from a previous relationship but want their partners to be treated like any husband or wife, and for their partner to be trusted to do the best by their children. This simple Australian last will and testament is designed for a homosexual man with two children who leaves everything to his partner with special instructions for the partner to be treated as if this were a lawful marriage, else his children in equal share, else another person. It denies benefit to the mother(s) of the children. This testator is legal guardian of the children and appoints his partner as guardian of the children. It can be easily completed as a form on the screen and then printed and signed by the testator and two witnesses. (gay will)

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Last will & testament for a homosexual man, partner as if this were a lawful marriage, else 2 children in equal share, else friend.

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