Service Contract (anyjob) - one-off or implied MasterServiceAgreement

This Service Contract is a simple contract for a Service Provider who works on a particular project to be completed by a given time (the 'term') and to be paid a total contract sum split up by (a) an upfront fee; (b) interim payments whilst work is in progress, based upon the achievement of particular milestones; and (c) a final fee upon completion and sign off. This is a friendly contract and does not go into detail about failure to perform, leaving that up to the courts in the unlikely event of failure to perform. It requires confidentiality for 7 years after completion. It fits nicely as the required Annexure in the Master Service Agreement (order implies contract) contract. The contract makes specific reference only to federal law and therefore can be used in any State. 

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Service Contract for a service provider working on a particular project.

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