QLD - Website Terms & Conditions(P opt in) Sale of Goods Act

A legally binding declaration prepared in the State of Queensland for the purposes of being made available to users of the website. The declaration indicates to the user their agreement to current terms and conditions that is implied by his/her use of the website. It speaks of copyright under

and seeks to limit warranties and dispell any expectation of rights implied by access to information on the website or by links to other websites. It links to a  declaration for companies who have decided to opt in to the

These terms also contain Conditions of Sale for goods purchased on the website, E-commerce. These are terms and conditions of sale of a manufactured product on sale under the

in Qld. As these are purchased by charge to a credit card, these are like the Romalpa clause that specifies that the goods become the property of the buyer only after the seller has accepted the buyer's offer and the seller has received full payment. They speak of delivery, quality, faulty goods notification & return, etc.

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Legally binding declaration to users of the website in the State of Queensland.

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