Org Chart - Marketing Division - Depts perform regular & project work

Word. An interesting example. This organisation chart depicts a marketing division. It has three departments for regular marketing, sales and research plus a schema for regular project work related to marketing. The marketing director reckons she has the best resources already on staff and so she sees these as the best resources to be ustilised by the project manager. She doesn't have to waste valuable effort bringing outsiders up to scratch, and the technical prowess is already there and able to just get on with the job. So while the project managers could be anyone and could be contracted in, most of the resources, both managerial and operational are contracted in by the project manager from the departments, based on project requirements. Of course there has to be some slack in the regular life of the operators or they wouldn't be able to perform when assigned to projects, and only works if this planned project work is part of the normal life of the division or otherwise operators would spend time twiddling their thumbs when project work is not happening. Presented as a simple diagram. (International planning presentation)

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Organisation chart for a marketing division. simple diagram.

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