Monograph (Astronomical Objects Report) - CBE format 2L 20/2

CBE style guide on astronomical objects and time systems monograph including key abbreviations and symbols, abbreviations of astronomical catalogues and related organizations and constellation names in the glossary of terms and index. Also includes formatted endnotes and 16 different referencing styles in the bibliography. A fully developed template based on the CBE Technical Reports and Monographs style (6th edition). This example includes headings at two levels (chapter, and sub-chapter) but no numbering. This means that there is a limit to structural complexity. Nineteen non-numbered chapters, all called for by the style. The report is separated from Front Matter and Back Matter by an interposed physical break, increasing the simplicity. Includes simple Table and Figure numbering [Table-n; Figure-n]. As the style calls for recto (RHS) chapter headings, this template includes 22 identified verso (LHS) blank pages which should be deleted only at the end of final edit and only when they occur on recto pages. Then recalculate the Figures/Tables/Contents before final printing.

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CBE style guide on astronomical objects and time systems monograph.

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