Job Profile - Technical Writer (User Manual)

A detailed description of a particular position, viz. a technical writer called upon to write the user manual and user guides including user training manuals and other training material. This is an interesting one because it involves the tech writer at the beginning of user requirements statement (URS) preparation and user acceptance testing (UAT) and doesn't leave the user manual as an after-thought. So the tech writer needs knowledge of both the SDLC and the DDLC. It even prepares an early user manual to be used in the UAT process and has an orderly UAT for the document itself (unheard of in the IT industry). This includes the overall objects of the position, relationships with others in the unit and outside, and a detailed task analysis. An important document when you are preparing for recruitment. It provides the basis for the Job Description and is the basic document for evaluating the applicant's suitability for the position. The questionnaire format assists in that evaluation process.

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Detailed description of a particular position, technical writer (user manual and user guides).

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