Contract of Employment - Dental Assistant F/T

Permanent staff - Dental Assistant. Full time, Regular hours. Full time, Regular hours, any State in Australia. Modern format, signed by Manager & employee. It assumes fortnightly payment Thur-Wed, in arrears, payable by the following Thurs. Basic contract that is designed to continue throughout the term of employment, accompanied by a Letter of Engagement designed to be completed and signed by both parties to record contract changes during that term of engagement. This has been seen as a useful combination of documents. It assumes yearly review. It assumes no overtime but time off in lieu. It includes many possibilities including such things as yearly review, a three month probationary period, entitlements to annual leave, annual leave loading, superannuation, long service leave, personal leave (sick leave and family care), bereavement leave, and maternity/paternity/adoption leave, work tools, clothing, boots, protective gear, etc. It names an arbitrator trusted by both parties to be called upon in the case of claims of unfair dismissal. (H-15161)

*Note: This contract of employment includes a 3 page job description for a dental assistant employed within ANZIC Group 851 Medical Services industry to prepare patients for dental examinations and assists dentists in providing care and treatment.

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Employment contract plus letter of engagement (including job description) for - Dental Assistant. (H-15161)

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