Concept plan - submission to NSW State Plan

When the NSW State Government recently asked for submissions to their new State Plan, a couple of young tech writers (and one not so young) had a brief brain storming session. They did this because the younger ones felt that this was a rare opportunity for them to have some input. The older one agreed to go along for the ride. This is what they came up with. The style was borrowed from the State Plan draft document to make it more believable. Other submissions include , , , Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance, Regional Art NSW, Graham Brooks & Associates on behalf of Millers Point, Dawes Point and The Rocks Action Group, Professional Historians Association (NSW), Royal Australian Institute of Architects, Uni... Care, Youth Accommodation Association (YAA),

The submission to cabinet shown below is too big to download, so we have split up the document by page.

I mean, if a couple of kids can dream up this practical, no frills, relatively costless, concept, in a few hours of brainstorming, then how difficult can it be? Should have happened in 1970.

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NOTE: TOO BIG TO DOWNLOAD, SEE ABOVE - Submission to their new NSW State Government State Plan.

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