Building Standard for dwellings on the 1974 flood plain

Strategic concept exploration. The basic elements of the new building standard proposed for the 1974 flood plain for Brisbane (or Ipswich etc.) - diagram and 9 key elements. Brisbane River. Flood prone 2011. Insurance premiums, new rules. New building codes. The key problem at present is the use of old flood periods without taking into account recent changes caused by global warming. The mayor of Brisbane is still talking about Brisbane River as being a 1/100 year flood plain and therefore says that a levee in Brisbane is unnecessary (let the next generation pay). Little talk of whether the expected 100 years turned out to be a 30 year period because of natural chance or real changes in climate. The levy should come with an agreement to immediately build a levee in Brisbane based on 1974 flood levels. Other towns in the Murray-Darling Basin have levees, why should we allow major dwelling development on the Brisbane River shoreline without similar protection from rising flood levels? The Brisbane council sits back and declares it unnecessary, accepting no responsibility for the recent experience, while tens of thousands of ordinary dwellers who were encouraged to build on the flood plain with no experience of 1974, with no special building codes based on the 1974 experience and little understanding of what was going happen, were forced to pay with their houses, their personal belongings and their lives.




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Strategic concept exploration - new building standard for global warming.

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