B:Legal Strat Plan - Change of Company Name

In the tech writer's world, we call it a simple "legals strat plan" or LSP. It is designed for the corporate legal department and takes you through 21 steps that would need to be performed if you were changing the name of the company under s.157 s.161 of

It provides a template for a number of documents useful when preparing these 21 steps, including

  • initial strat plan,
  • required resolution,
  • minutes of the board when agreeing the strat plan,
  • notice of special general meeting,
  • notes to and forming part of,
  • proxy form,
  • agenda,
  • minutes of special general meeting,
  • annexure to Form 205 and
  • follow-up implementation plan for reasons and effects.
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21 steps to change the name of the company.

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