ANY - Contract of Employment - Accounts Receivable Clerk F/T

Permanent staff - Accounts Receivable Clerk. Full time, Regular hours. Employed by a Company. Signed by HR Manager. Any State. This contract of employment is a common law contract designed for a regular, permanent, accounts clerk in any State in Australia. It specifically chooses to opt out of Workplace Relations Amendment (Work Choices) Act 2005 and intends not to register the contract as an AWA. It assumes fortnightly pay in arrears. It assumes yearly review. It assumes no overtime but time off in lieu. It includes many possibilities including such things as yearly review, a three month probationary period, entitlements to annual leave, annual leave loading, superannuation, long service leave, personal leave (sick leave and family care), bereavement leave, and maternity/paternity/adoption leave, work tools, clothing, boots, protective gear, etc. It names an arbitrator trusted by both parties to be called upon in the case of claims of unfair dismissal. <br>

*Note: This contract of employment includes a 3 page job description for a clerk working in the sales and accounts receivable organisational unit. 

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Contract of employment for a regular, permanent, accounts clerk in any State in Australia.

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