Direct Mailout (DMO) - Nomenclature

Alacrity = immediacy, do it now, don’t wait

Appropriate response = activity required in response to an action by the Customer, (includes “No response”, if appropriate)

Bounce = a DA is sent to the intended recipient and the sender receives an error message

Change-Of-Address (COA) = “hey, email addresses do change, you know”, system uses EA for key assignment in listing leading to ERROR over time, system must allow for COA

Click-Through = system reads over the Internet the click through to the Website address offered in the DMO by the recipient

COA = Change-Of-Address

DMO = Direct Mail-Out, an email in the form of a Notice, a Letter, or a Newsletter

EA = email address

HB2U = “Happy birthday, to you”

Immediacy = to be performed in current session

Intended recipient = Member AND/OR Subscriber (minus Opt-Out’s)

Letter = DMO (email) in the form of a personal direct note to the recipient, such as HB2U, Your membership will expire in 7 days – care to renew?

Newsletter = DMO (email) in the form of a generic notification and description of a happening, or a change to a product, or release of a new product, or a response to an event, or notification of a coming event, a change to the law or international (national) standards, an invitation to join, etc.

Notice = legal notice

Opt-In = special activities by the Customer, such as Request for newsletter, Notification of Change of Address, Feedback on the quality of the document associated with the Newsletter, that specify that the Customer likes the DMO and wishes to continue to receive it (any Opt-In’s must be treated with alacrity if response is appropriate, e.g. send a Thankyou-Note for them taking the time to Notify of the Change-Of-Address)

Opt-Out = an essential system-offer in a DMO allowing the recipient to advise “No more DMO’s”; essential = otherwise SPAM

Recipient = see Intended recipient

Sender = builder of database of Members or Subscribers who give their email address & agree to receive

Successful-Deliveries = system reads evidence on the Internet of DMO being received by intended recipient & reports it to the sender

Tracked-Opens = system reads opening the DMO by the recipient

Unsubscribe = an option to have their email address removed from the database

Unsubscription = an option to have their email address removed from the database is taken up by the intended recipient & requires immediate removal