WILL - Testamentary trust - de facto partner, 2 children, 2 grandchildren

A typical Australian last will and testament for a man with a de facto partner and two children. One of his children has two children (his grandchildren). The testator wants to be very particular. He mentions his partner as his special beneficiary in his super fund. He leaves his kids special inheritance not by formula but as described by him. He establishes two testamentary trusts for the grandkids who are very young at the time of the signing of his will, and who will obtain their inheritance only on their (18th?) birthday. By doing this he ensures the grandkids' parenting and the issues of marriage and divorce etc. will not affect the trust funds. The residual beneficiary is his de facto partner. (P-32142)

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Will for a man with de facto partner & 2 kids & 2 grandkids. Special to his de facto (superannuation fund) & separately defined specials to his kids. Specials to his grandkids in 2 trusts. Residual to his de facto partner. (P-32142)

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