Privacy Declaration (private sector) REQ

A legally binding policy statement prepared for the purposes of being made available to the customers and the general public declaring the company's compliance to and commitment to the

for an "organisation":

  • an individual; or
  • a body corporate; or
  • a partnership; or
  • any other unincorporated association; or
  • a trust;

(for a full list of types see /docdownloads-australian-sme-model)

<Company> is required to comply because of annual turnover or other particular attributes defined in the Act. The declaration provides the old 17 private information protection principles governing compliance and the new detailed Australian Protection Principles (APP) made availabe in the Privacy Act from March 2015 onwards. We provide both to help you choose what the declaration should include and the appropriate level of explanation, appropriate to your reader.

To get this declaration together you might find the APP Compliance Statement very useful.

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Legally binding policy statement on Privacy made available to customers and the general public.

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