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PDF version. Another useful example of a simple matrix organisational chart. This large corporation has three operating divisions because it operates in three nations. This means that each of these divisions needs a flat functional department structure that are all pretty much the same, but, because the markets they operate in are completely distinct and subject to quite different linguistic, cultural and legal conditions of trade, there is no point in them being housed together. Each Division is quite independent. This particular org chart is interesting because of the importance of marketing. They have adopted a "round table" approach chaired by the Divisional Marketing Manager. This more complex marketing focus will be flat functional multiplied by three, which results in 4 basic levels of management plus a separate corporate division that is quite removed from the sales process, which is largely concerned only with the life of the overall amalgamated corporation, or maybe sells a few services to the national divisions. At the fifth level there are operational groups in the marketing process that get to play in the ring and departmental managers are assigned ownership (lines) and involvement (dotted lines) of these fifth level processes. Presented as a simple diagram. (International planning presentation)

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Simple matrix organisational chart.

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