Employment contract (basic)

Modern format, signed by Manager & employee. Permanent - Full time, Regular hours, any State in Australia. It assumes fortnightly Thur-Wed, payable by the following Thurs. This contract of employment is a basic contract that is designed to continue throughout the term of employment, accompanied by a Letter of Engagement designed to be completed and signed by both parties to record contract changes during that term of engagement. This has been seen as a useful combination of documents. Does not include job description. (H-61962)

NOTE: If you are a small business employer and you wish to make a basic employment contract that complies with workplace laws, you can use  business.gov.au – Employment Contract Tool to create a contract for an employee under the national industrial relations system. You can use it for full-time, part-time and casual employees who are covered by an award. The use of this tool is free.

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Contract of employment & Letter of engagement - permanent employee, fortnightly payment in arrears. (H-61962)

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