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It's that time of the year again, time to do your Will

We talk about this at least once every year, so if you've downloaded your template for your Last Will & Testament before, stay with us. It's probably time to get it out and take a look again. Things change over time, and it's a good thing to do at least one a year. If you haven't, it's a good time to start thinking about it.

If you're new, you can download a template for a simple Will (and most people only need something simple) for $15 plus GST. Find yourself amongst the list of different persons under Personal, Click on it and download something that will look like this: [See picture below]

It won't take long to complete this. Sign the Will before two people you can trust and put it in a safe place.

We recommend a separate Will template is appropriate for married or defacto husband and wife, gay and lesbian couples, etc. as unnecessary complications arise if you try to do it together.

Or you can get a much more detailed template for setting up a Testamentary Trust, under Legal for $70 plus GST.

Our normal offer at this time of the year:

If you can't find yourself in the list of different people who might be wanting to do their Will (in Australia) we are happy to do one for you. It will only be a standard template so not much will change but we will make sure that it fits your gender, age, marital status, siblings, children, grandchildren, etc. and intended recipients, such as family, charities etc. Type of Trust you want to set up, etc. This will be done within 7 days of your request. And this offer only lasts until 30 September 2015, so if you want it to happen, put in your request before then. To get it happening you must put in a formal request @ and you must give us your valid email address so we can email you when the document is up and ready to download. You don't need to pay us a deposit to get it happening. The price will be the same as if it was available now.

Note: We use the word Testatrix for women. This can be replaced by the word Testator. We know this is very old fashioned but we do it to maintain a separate template for a man and a woman, only slight differences but a simple, easy way of maintaining the difference. If you are a male/female couple it is a good way for you to keep track, too. But if you don't like it, you can easily replace it with [Copy & Paste] or, after you have downloaded your template, we can do it for you if you email it to us.

Kind regards

Steve Irons

for the docDownload development team

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Newsletter to Member & Subscriber W/E 20 August 2015

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