Deed Poll - Confidentiality Declaration supplied by subbie

Any state in Australia. A sub-contractor employed under a separate contract with the Contractor signs under Deed Poll an undertaking to keep confidential information supplied to him/her for work under the original Contract between the Principal and the Contractor. This is an interesting document. It uses the Deed Poll format so that the subbie can sign it without the need for formal sign off of three way agreements between the subby and the other two parties which are a hassle to obtain and provide little more than the Deed Poll. This way, the subbie can sign it off him/herself and all (s)he needs is a witness. Half of the deed describes details regarding the contract between the Principal and Contractor (under "I understand that ...") and the other half is made up of undertakings by the subbie (that "I will ..." and "I will not .."). This means that the original supply contract can be executed between the issuer and the tenderer at the time of award and the Deed Poll can be executed later by the subcontractor. There is also a place for describing legal clauses from Acts and Regulations (such as the Crimes Act) that impact on confidentiality that can place the subbie under notice that fines or imprisonment may apply. By describing them here the subby is making sure that (s)he knows (and anybody reading the Deed knows that (s)he knows) what (s)he is entering into.

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Deed Poll signed by a sub-contractor giving an undertaking to keep confidential information supplied to him/her.

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