ANY - Contract of Employment (Senior) Hiring Fee

This contract of employment is designed for an important recruit in any State of Australia. It pays a special (significant) hiring fee to the new recruit to "come on board". Because this is a large amount, it expects certain benefits to the employer, including extended loyalty, confidentiality and restraint of trade, and it needs certain remedies if these are not delivered. It must also therefore talk clearly about unfair dismissal, in case the dismissal of the employee is simply an attempt to engage one of these remedies. This contract assumes restraint of trade is possible, and therefore speaks clearly about the employer's right to demand it from the employee during the contract and for two years afterwards. The hiring fee is made up of a "signing fee" and a "loyalty fee", both payable up-front. This is a permanent position - full time, regular hours, any State. This contract of employment is a common law contract designed for a regular, permanent, employee in any State in Australia. It assumes monthly pay. It includes many possibilities including such things as yearly review, time off in lieu, entitlements to annual leave, annual leave loading, superannuation, long service leave, personal leave (sick leave and family care), bereavement leave, and maternity/paternity/adoption leave, etc. It names an arbitrator trusted by both parties to be called upon in the case of claims of unfair dismissal.

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Contract of employment for an important recruit in any State of Australia.

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