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Risk Management

Welcome to the Risk Management department; a place for docdownload to interact with Risk, Safety, HAZARD, OH&S and Contingency concerns, both at the small to medium level and for large corporations.

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Latest Risk Management document templates:

46432 Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)

The disaster recovery manual (DRP) is the key document that will be used at the moment of a declared 'disaster'. It needs to be kept up to date by the Disaster Recovery Co-ordinator so that all the elements in it can be relied upon at the moment of crisis. This DRP is based on a cold site plan but the structure can be used for cold, warm and hot disaster recovery plans. It contains examples of mainframe present and future requirements calculations and shortfall assessments. International IT planning document. (R-2004)

46523 OH&S/EH&S Incident Report Form - Hair Salon/StudioOPEN

People are sometimes injured in or around a hair salon/studio and care must be taken to ensure that the injury is properly dealt with and recorded. (Occupational Health and Safety) (N-0108) OPEN

68135 OH&S Policy Statement (InHouse Team) (NSW)

Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) at the level of the Board of Directors. A simple policy statement that comes from the board and calls attention to the legal requirements placed on the employer by the Occupational Health & Safety Act (NSW) 2000 and the Occupational Health & Safety Regulation (NSW) 2001 and tells the managers and employees that this law is to be complied with. The document outlines the general OH&S policy including company obligations, employee obligations, OH&S Committees, OH&S programs and contractors/sub-contractors.

Latest Free Risk Management document templates:

89835 Danger sign - no smoking

Free! One "danger - no smoking" sign per A4 sheet. Standard danger sign. Only use when there is danger of explosion. For standard "no smoking" sign see Human resources. Designed for AVERY J8167 (199.6mm*289.1mm). (H-1040)

77032 No smoking - round symbol

Free sign! Two 'no smoking' symbols per A4 sheet. Designed for CD Label AVERY C9660 (117mm diam). Useful for wall of lunchroom, etc. (P.S. you now have a use for those damaged CDs!) For other no smoking signs see Human resources. (H-1099)

62063 Hazard sign - Keep door closed

Free sign! One standard yellow hazard sign with "!" symbol and "keep door closed" text per A4 sheet designed for AVERY J8167 (289.1mm*199.6mm). Note: only use this when danger or risk requires it, otherwise use office-style signage. See Human resources (R-3027)

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96746Training Session on the nature of Risk
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98908Training Session on Disaster Recovery Planning
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