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docDownload is the natural link to the desktop for anyone required to produce a document in the Australian personal, business and corporate environments. We seek to provide you with a fully researched template to publication standard for any document required in these environments. We produce templates that will save you at least 40% of your document preparation time. Because of the nature of the documents we work on, some templates could save you up to 90% of this document preparation time.

We have a small team of technical writers who are very experienced in document preparation in the Australian business and corporate world. The documents are produced with awareness of the requirements placed on technical writers by national and international standards and the law.

We have hundreds of fully prepared templates that can be downloaded individually by casual users at very reasonable prices; many are free.

And we are looking to enter into a long term relationship with small- to medium-sized businesses in every State in Australia and with corporate tech writers in the key divisions such as Head Office, IT, HR, Marketing, Risk Management, and Project Management. If you become a member, all documents (except a few third party products) on the site are available to you at no extra cost! And members may send a request to our team for additional documents to be published on the docDownload website.

Happy downloading!

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FREE templates Hundreds of documents are already available to download, free of charge, and with no need to cite or acknowledge. These are documents or images that have entered the public domain.
docDownload believes that everyone should have immediate access to these without having to pay. Try:
13207Statutory declaration
20983Power of attorney
55603Subpoena financial records
55603SMSF Schedules
55603Letter to a lawyer
55603Other letters
55603White paper on ethics
55603Signs in the workplace
55603Lean thinking
5560313-week planning page
55603Copyright terms

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55603Duty of care
55603Rules (constitution)
55603Consent to act
55603Code of ethics (basic human rights)
55603Minutes - internal
55603Minutes - committee
55603Minutes - SGM
55603Minutes - MGM
55603Annual report

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You may save yourself a lot of time using the Search engine. Enter a single word or several words and see what you get! If you want to see all documents on the site, just hit GO. For those interested in Legal documents, there is also an INDEX of all legal documents and GROUPS of all legal documents which might help you find something quickly.

Do you prefer a picture?

Our documents are prepared by tech writers who have pretty complex views of the world. Some people prefer to see a visual representation first before they read the text. For this we provide a series of Content Maps! For an example see the Corporate Content Map or the Project Management Content Map! There is often a Content Map available on the front page of the Section. Look out for them. There are also other Content Maps and workflows available as documents to download. A good example is the End of Life Model. Many of them are free.

Interested in Corporate ETHICS?

Our small team of tech writers are very interested in Corporate Ethics and have embarked on a long term project to provide work with direct impact and clarity for those contemplating important ethical issues in a corporate environment. We have just set up a new Ethical dictionary. For an example see the work to date on Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct, and Code of Practice. Examples of the work are available if you click on the pre-download heading.

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Latest document templates:

50532 *BFA binding financial agreement POST-nuptial (any State)

After divorce. This Binding Financial Agreement (BFA) (sometimes called a post-nuptial agreement) -- is only a template and a divorced couple who have agreed upon property division will probably need to adapt it to their particular circumstances and agreement. In its original shape it is designed to allow a divorced couple to retain or divide their individual financial resources, and to list the items of personal property that each of them are to retain or take. (L-2000BFAafter)

56768 ACT - Domestic Relationship Agreement -defacto

New. An agreement between a man and a woman who wish to begin formal cohabitation and live together in the Australian Capital Territory in a de facto relationship as defined in the Domestic Relationships Act 1994 and have decided that they wish to keep their current property separate from the new relationship, as a married couple would with a pre-nuptial agreement.

After March 2009 the Family Court began acquiring jurisdiction over de facto relationships, so the Agreement also calls itself a "Part VIIIAB financial agreement" under the Family Law Act.

Note that it needs a solicitor's certificate (annexures A and B) in order to be finally binding. (L-2021PreNup BFA de facto)

46227 ANY - BFA (Before Marriage) (PRE-NUPTIAL)

This document -- Binding Financial Agreement (BFA), sometimes called a pre-nuptial agreement -- is designed for a couple who intend to marry, and who intend that at all times after marriage, each of them shall retain the property that they now own or acquire in their own individual names, and that all hereafter jointly-owned property shall be divided by agreement or in the proportion that they respectively contribute to the acquisition of that property. (L-2008BFAbefore)

Latest Free document templates:

79112 Poem 1 @nancycallaghan1

Poem 1 = "every door I open" 9Oct2013

53977 New year's resolution Two PLUS

System of two virtues - PLUS. A4 print job ready to frame.

77007 New year's resolution Two MINUS

System of two virtues - MINUS. A4 print job ready to frame.



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