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Professional & Other

This section is becoming more real with a break down of documents contained in other sections, especially legal, by profession. This has set the scene for development into the future, and professions will become more defined as documents are developed. If you are looking for yours, and can't find what you're after, let us know!

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Latest Professional & Other document templates:

96906 LEP - document plan

Another plan for determining a number of different documentation projects that can be assigned to different professionals and used for building a local environment plan (LEP). A simple one-page diagram in Visio. (S-4001)

29660 LEP - Model for chapter headings

The local environment plan (LEP) is not subject to strict rules and planners have adopted a number of different models over the years. This model (in the form of a single page diagram in Visio) has proven very useful to a number of projects in helping to generate the chapters required for a successful LEP. (S-4002)

59582 LEP - Local Environment Plan

The local environment plan (LEP) is not subject to strict rules. Its task is to convince the council and the state government department (and eventually the minister) that the zoning etc. needs to be altered to allow the development to go ahead. This comprehensive LEP format applies the same format to each discipline. They all think that their particular science makes them unique, but, if you can convince them to adopt this simple model, it makes the planner's job easier, and therefore increases the likelihood of the success of the instrument.(S-4003)

Latest Free Professional & Other document templates:

97176 ERP Lessons of Forty Years

The ERP world is littered with disasters that seem to be ignored when prospective buyers are looking for a new ERP system. They are akin to road accidents: “They happen to other people, not us!” The reality is: the majority of ERP projects do not deliver what is expected; budgets over-run by 25% and create chaos in the implementing phase.

40760 *Warning Signs of Impending ERP Disaster

Companies that find themselves in this position are now part of the 70% statistic of underperforming ERP systems. The warning signs are there from the beginning. ERP, to be successful, must be embraced as a corporate change program that affects all of the organisation and must be driven by management.

21649 ERP A Senior Executives Major Career Risk!

After analysing dozens of ERP projects over the last thirty years, it is clear that executives need to take a different, more broadly based view if they want ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) to provide the benefits the technology is capable of. Too many executives see ERP solely as a computer technology project, believing that if they buy a new software system, their operational problems will be solved. The huge number of failed ERP projects is the evidence needed to signal to boards and CEOs that it doesn't work that way.

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84573Certificate of Provenance - Sculpture
13837Certificate of Provenance - Photograph (Limited Print)
17479Certificate of Provenance - General
32504Certificate of Provenance - Painting
97197Drawing details box