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Last Will & Testament

docDownload provides excellent templates for Last Will & Testament for very cheap prices, for example:

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ISMspeak - Beginners Guide to Philosophy

An "ism" is a philosophical tool for identifying (and promoting) particular ways of looking at the world. These could identify a particular theory, cause, explanation, explication, belief, dogma, doctrine, or a particular system of logical statements.

Uni - Research Notes

These research notes are offered to those who want to research the academic world for the meaning of stylesheets for essays.
There is enough in these research notes to do it for yourself. Many connections are provided to academic sites across the world.

Updates regarding wills for same-sex couples

"Hi,  I am looking for a template for a Will.  As the laws relating to same sex couples have changed Australia wide I am wondering whether I would use a lesbian woman Will or one for a defacto woman, as the law now says we are defacto same sex couples?