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Last Will & Testament

docDownload provides excellent templates for Last Will & Testament for very cheap prices, for example:

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Q: I am 14 and am starting my own company, what do I need?

A: In Australia, the Corporations Act 2001 does not have a minimum age you have to have reached before you can be a shareholder of a company, so 14YO is a real possibility.

Q: Where's my SMSF?

We have had to be a bit technical because we have a lot going on. You will find SMSF under Legal > Declarations, Trusts, Wills, Notices > Superannuation-SMSFAlternatively, you can type SMSF in the Search Engine.

Q: Are you a Friend of docDownload?

A: Not every Click to my website needs to come from the Search engines or from Blogs. We know that that is where most of our new business will come from. But docDownload believes in interaction with other businesses on the Internet (who we call "Friends"). We have a general policy to promote those businesses who are prepared to promote us. This can add a third layer of new business, which can cost absolutely nothing!