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About docDownload

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions FAQ1 : Nothing downloaded, am I supposed to wait for the document to be emailed to me?
No, documents are supposed to download immediately. Sometimes documents will not download because of incompatibilities with the setup of the downloading network or PC. This may have something to do with security, protected environments or firewalls or other matters regarding initial setup, which is outside docDownload control. If no document downloaded, you need to contact docDownload immediately, as from our end it appears to have been successful. As soon as we are informed, the document will be emailed to you.

FAQ2 : The document I downloaded does not appear to be editable. Can I get one that I can change?
Sometimes a docDownload document is not designed to be editable, but most documents are prepared in Microsoft Word and are fully editable. Sometimes the Word document is locked in the FORMS mode to make it easy for you to enter the details as a form. If it is in the FORMS mode, all you have to do is:
Microsoft Word 2003 => Tools, Unprotect
Microsoft Word 2007 => Review, Protect Document, Allow
Microsoft Word 2010 => Review, Protect Document, Restrict Fromatting & Editing, Stop Protection

FAQ3 : The document failed to download and I am an Open Office user, could there be a connection between Open Office and your MSWord protocols?
A casual user who uses Open Office offered us this explanation of how he overcame his download problem:
If you have Open Office installed on your Windows XP machine follow the steps below:
1- Close open office.
2- Go to start, control panel
3- Add/remove programs
4- Chose to modify open office install
5- Under optional components, disable the ActiveX control (right click the blue arrow to get a red X)
6- Click modify to continue, finish the rest of the prompts.
7- Try opening a doc that you could not open previously.
This worked for me, which proves to me that it is the IE ActiveX viewer that is causing the issue.

FAQ4 : I have found a similar document to the one I want. But it doesn't meet my requirements. Will you write one for me?
No, usually the docDownload development team don't work to instruction. But often we are happy to develop a similar document because it is useful to our members to have "variations on a theme". Best to make a suggestion and your suggestion will be brought up at the next docDownload development team meeting. If we like your suggestion, we will write it and publish it for download. Usually it will be in your interests to choose this path, anyway, as this way you get a document closer to your requirements, without having to pay an hourly rate to a technical writer. But, remember, it has to be in the interest of a broader group of our members and visitors to the site.

FAQ5 : I expected to find a document that does not appear to be available. Can I get a list of all documents available on the site?
Yes, simply hit the GO button on the Search Engine and it will give you a list of all documents available on the site. It may take some time to load, as there are a lot of documents available.

FAQ6 : Can I get a list of all documents available in a particular section, such as LEGAL?
Yes, simply go to that section and hit the downarrow in the box on the left-hand-side that starts with "See all templates...". There is now an INDEX of all documents in the Legal section, Click here!

FAQ7 : I am experienced in this domain and I expected something else. Can I get a refund?
Customer satisfaction and quality control are important to docDownload. You may be more sophisticated than us because we are writing to a particular audience. If you are not completely satisfied talk to us! Usually the docDownload development team can assist you to get the document you need.

FAQ8 : Do you have any meta-data notes on the docDownload site?
Yes, see the Site map on the Home page.

FAQ9 : Can I contact you?
Yes, you are always welcome to talk to the docDownload development team. See the Contact details page accessed from the Home page.

We trust you have found this information valuable and appreciate all feedback.