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About docDownload

OFFER: Bus/Corp Members only! Free membership forever ...

One of our corporate members asked us if we would set up a document exchange between corporate members. This is the plan our team came up with. We thought that it combined the strengths of document exchange, while keeping the integrity of the docDownload concept intact:

This OFFER only applies to active Business and Corporation (incl. NGO) logins.

At present, if you login as a member, you get access to every document on the docDownload website. Now, you can achieve an extra week added to your membership login simply by interacting with the developers!

Here's how it works:

1. The offer: You may have a document that you think should be on the docDownload site. If you email a draft of it to us, and we think it has legs (meaning we think it is something that other members will be interested in and will be happy to download), we will add a week to your login.

2. What is a document? A suggested document could be a report, an agreement, a form to fill in, a file layout, a letter, a code of ethics, a code of conduct, a code of practice, a set of rules, a help file, a board minute, a memorandum, a manual, a process, a procedure, a work instruction, a chart of accounts, any other useful business document, a graphic representation of any of these, etc., etc.

3. What will docDownload do with your suggestion? docDownload will assign it to one of its team members who will research the document and publish the resulting upgraded template(s) making it/them available for yourself and others to download. (The time taken will depend on how much research is needed to be satisfied that publication of the template can be signed off by the docDownload team leader in the normal manner.)

4. Who will own the resulting template? The resulting template will be owned by docDownload. If you created the original yourself, you need to assign ownership to us. If it is a document created by someone else, you should name that person or organization. If it is a copy of a document related to a law, convention, regulation, international or national standard or formal style, you should name it, telling us where the original came from. We'll do the rest.

5. Are there any restrictions as to how many weeks I can be assigned? Yes, you may only ever be one hundred and four weeks ahead! But if this results in you never having to pay us again for a renewal, both sides will be very happy, indeed.

6. Are there any restrictions as to subject? Yes, your subject must be something that docDownload is interested in. This can be seen from the headings under each of eleven chapters shown across the top of the website (all twelve chapters minus the Personal chapter). But our interests are wide and deep: to get an idea of subjects that interest us, take a look at our dictionaries. If you find a law, convention, regulation, international or national standard or formal style mentioned there, we are likely to be interested. Even a key word in the dictionary could be a good indicator. Think of it this way: if we can put in an active link from the dictionary to your download, this is likely to be an interesting document.

7. Who decides? If a document is to be approved by docDownload for template development and a week's login assigned to the Member for giving us a draft, this will be decided at a weekly team meeting. However, the final decision will be owned by director and team leader Steve Irons. His decision will be final and binding on all parties. If you don't agree with his decision, he is happy to discuss further with you, (within reason, of course) and he is known to be quite approachable on such matters.

8. What applications? docDownload would prefer your draft to come in Microsoft's Word, Excel, Visio, Powerpoint, Publisher, EC Software's Help&Manual 5 (hmxz), Adobe's Homesite 5, Reader 8 (pdf), Acrobat, Professional, Photoshop, Illustrator, or else you can just give us a scanable picture or plain txt.

9. What's the next step? Send us an Email to which includes an account of what you are proposing, a copy of the proposed document and a phone number for us to call you to discuss. Include the best time to call. PLEASE NOTE: You must be a current, paid up member (Business or Corporate (including NGO)) to discuss this matter. docDownload will not discuss this matter with anyone who is not a current, paid up member. Your Email needs to include, therefore, your current Username so we can check the membership file.

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We trust you have found this information valuable and appreciate all feedback.